Erika Eleniak





9/29/1969 , Glendale, California

Birth Name

Erika Maya Eleniak




Erika Eleniak was born on September 29th 1969 in Glendale, California, to parents of Ukrainian and Estonian descent. As an actress she is best known for her role as Shauni McClain in Baywatch. Alongside Pamela Anderson, she was a member of the lifeguard team that patrolled the beaches of Los Angeles. Her first Hollywood role was in ET: The Extra Terrestrial, but her later film career has seen her star in many independent films, including a romantic comedy called A Pyromaniac's Love Story. Her Hollywood career has included roles in The Beverley Hillbillies, Chasers and One Hot Summer Night. Following her successful 90s television series career, Eleniak has taken on smaller roles in other popular series. She has starred in CSI:Miami and Desperate Housewives, taking on a single episode role in each. Her TV career has also included television movies, including Absolute Zero, a film about Miami during a modern ice age.