Erika Heynatz

Erika Heynatz


Port Moseby, Papau New Guinea

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Erika was a judge for Design Against Fur competition in Australia, she is a proactive Ambassador of Humane Society International (HSI).

    • Erika admits to being an exercise junkie.

    • Erika studied music and singing with Jaan School and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

    • Erika relinquished her position as host of Australia's Next Top Model to pursue her passion for singing by competing in another reality show It Takes Two.

    • Erika is a proud and pro-active supporter of 'Aids Trust of Australia.'

    • When asked to describe herself in 3 words, Erika's repsonse was; ambitious, creative, lucky.

    • Erika completed high school in Victoria, and studied graphic design at a university in Brisbane for three years.

    • It was Erika's natural beauty and presence combined with her charming demeanor that seen Chic Models signed her at the age of 21. She was soon modelling throughout Australia, Europe and the USA.

    • In 2002 Erika was signed as a presenter of channel Nine's (Australian) lifestyle show BODY AND SOUL.
      This show main focus was fitness, one of Erika's passions, her passion for this led to her becoming an ambassador for Nike-based sports charities.

    • In 2005 Erika was chosen to be the official spokesperson for Toyota at Grand Prix.

    • In 2006 Erika became the first winner of It Takes Two.

    • In 2006 Erika competed in Triple M's Radio School, she won, after just three weeks on air. In May 2006 she also won Favourite Female Presenter at the Astras.

    • Erika was born in Port Moseby Papau New Guinea

  • Quotes

    • Erika: Every day I go for a run and swim in the morning or hit the gym at night. I've got much more energy than I know what to do with, and I'd drive people nuts if I didn't get rid of some of it on a small piece of equipment.

    • Erika (on maintaining her figure): I find if I've got a week and I don't get the opportunity to exercise. I get really lethargic and a bit tired and grumpy. So I give myself a bit of exercise every day, then I'm sparky and feel good. That way, you can process whatever junk you might have put in your body, too.

    • Erika (on her boyfriend, Andrew): He tucks me in, feeds me, closes the door and just lets me unwind. It can't get any better than what I've got right now.

    • Erika (on her role In the movie 'Gabrielle'): That was probably the meatiest role I've done, and I think it'll be the first film of mine that goes onto the big screen, so that's pretty big. And it's a very different role for me.

    • Erika (talking about appearing on It Takes Two):
      This is going to be incredibly confronting, challenging and exciting, and very, very funny!

    • Erika: R'n'B and soul, but if I was to dip into my deeply cheesy side, I'd say I love musicals.

      - on her preferred style of music.

    • Erika: I started off at school doing my musicals and choir. I've always kept a hand in it, doing choir workshops on a weekend - maybe once a year.

      - on her previous singing experience as she begins working on the new reality show, It Takes Two.