Erin Cahill





1/4/1980 , Alexandria, Virginia

Birth Name

Erin Jessica Cahill




A familiar talent to the stage and screen, Erin Cahill has broken out as one of Hollywood's leading female comic actresses.

This fall and srping Erin will appear in the Fox Television series, "Freeride." Erin plays the female lead in this partially scripted updated rendition of "The Graduate" by Robert Roy Thomas. Prior to her character on Fox, Erin was seen as the role of Jennifer Scotts, ("Pink" Power Ranger) in the 9th season if the children's science fiction hit "Power Rangers." Erin has also been featured in several videos, games and merchandising for the "Power Rangers" trademark. Other television credits include, "Crossing Jordan", "Amercian Dreams" and "General Hospital."

Erin continues her work as the host for Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary Celebration. As a promotional DVD for Disney, Erin tours the park taking viewers through the "happiest place on earth." Erin has also played host to a dance and music special created for the Mountain Dew Network along with a younger more hip version of "The View" for ABC.

On film, Erin recently co-starred in the sweet, highly comedic romance "The Biggest Fan." Additionally, erin has appeared in "Frostbite" out on DVD now and a supporting lead in the feature "Jekyll."

Erin was born and raised in Virginia where she also attended college on scholarship graduating with high honors. Erin currently resides in Los Angeles. Erin is an avid supporter of Free Arts for Abused Children.
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