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    • Erin: Taking risks is what causes life to jump to different levels.

    • Erin: (When asked what she would do if confronted by a monster) Fight it, naturally. I can kick really hard, based on years of dancing. And the thing doesn't stand a chance if I'm wearing heels. I'd kill it on impact.

    • Erin: (When asked about her role in Creature Unknown) Lori [her costar] falls down and we get a big close-up of her screaming and then it cuts to me. I run back to find her and all I see is blood. At that point, I look up, you see the creature's shadow come at me - you can just get a glimpse of him if you pause the tape - and then the camera pushes in up close and goes into my mouth while I'm screaming.

    • Erin: (When asked about the making of the Power Rangers) About 60 percent of the show is what we shot in the States. Of that, 40 percent is monster stuff and wearing the helmets and flying around. About 10 percent of that is shot in Japan. That's almost like stock footage, because they're a year ahead of us. So when we started doing Time Force, the season was already over in Japan. After we got their footage over here, we changed their story lines to fit our story lines, but still used some of their monster footage.

    • Erin: I just want to work doing what I love.

    • Erin: (While speaking of Free Ride) Working on this type of show was truly an amazing learning experience for me. I've done quite a bit of other work where the usual setup is, you get scripts to read and memorize. Here, we based it all in a very loose script where we truly go in a half-hour improv tour.

    • Erin: (When asked about being known as "The Pink Power Ranger") You know, I love them too. People are like, 'Are you tired of people calling you a Power Ranger?' I mean, definitely everything has its day and I'm ready to be known for other things. I literally have people go, 'Oh my God, you're the Pink Power Ranger' and I'm like, 'I do other things!' But, you know, it's so cool! I saved the world for a year. It was amazing. I really learned how to act on camera through Power Rangers because I hadn't done a lot of film and TV. I had done mostly stage.

    • Erin: (When asked about landing her role on Free Ride) I just auditioned. I got so lucky. My agent sent me in and said, 'It's improv' and I said, 'Well, I've never been improv trained, but let's just play and have fun and give this a whirl and it worked out beautifully!

    • Erin: (when asked about nasty things she's eaten) I've tried moonshine. It's an awful concoction that should never go into the human body. It tastes like pure rubbing alcohol. It was the most terrible thing I've ever put in my mouth.

    • Erin: I get a major adrenaline rush from shooting a gun. There's nothing like it. It's like a video game, only real - the bullets actually hit something.

    • Erin: I had my first bow and arrow when I was 5 years old; now I shoot rifles and handguns. A .45 is my favorite. At home, I still go to the shooting range with my dad, but I would never shoot a living thing. When I was really young, my dad killed this deer, but he had no place to hang it when he brought it home. So he hung its gutted carcass from my swing set. I freaked out. I'm a vegetarian now and I think that had something to do with it. Moral of the story, kids—if you want a new swing set, have your dad dress a carcass on it.

    • Erin: My Free Ride character is the girl next door. And that's who I am. I love going home. L.A. is ***-backward. At home, I can be a total smart-***, but I'm also like a sister to all my friends.

    • Erin: Growing up, I didn't hang out with only the popular group. I hung out with everybody. I was never a cheerleader, and I was by no means the prettiest girl in school, either.