Erin Cardillo

Erin Cardillo


2/17/1977, White Plains, New York, USA

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Erin was born in White Plains, New York on February 17th, 1977. Throughout her life she has build up her acting career, starting with live theater. While at Northwestern University, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Performance Studies and even taught acting classes to high school…more


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    • Erin: (on the differences between her character on Passions and The Suite Life) The characters are extreme opposites. Esme was extremely loose and Emma is extremely uptight.

    • Erin: (on Passions ending) I was sad to see it end. Esme was such a blast to play. I felt like I was walking into a playground everyday because the directors let me be creative with her. She was a gift. And the cast and crew were so wonderful. It was like a little family breaking up. I'd only been around for two of the nine years, so I'm sure it was even harder for the people who'd been there since the beginning.

    • Erin: (on Passions) It moves so quickly. Usually, you only shoot a few pages a day on prime time shows, and even less in film. When I first started working on the show, I was shocked that I'd have to shoot 20-30 pages a day. It's like doing a one act play every day with no rehearsal.