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  • Voice actors are a very important part of movies and shows. They are the unseen, but extremely important talent. Erin Fitzgerald is an extremely versatile talent with an amazing range!

    Erin Fitzgerald is an extremely versatile talent with an amazing range!

    She has voiced lead roles as well as hundreds of additional voices
    to animated series, anime, and video games.
    Her voice ranges from 3yr - 70 yr old females, and 3-14 yr old males.
    and her accent skills include: British, New York, Italian, Russian,
    French, German, Australian, Polish, Spanish, Scottish, Irish, etc...
    She is extremely skilled in voice matching, and she speaks French and French Canadian

    Erin is so talented that she is able to play multiple voice characters within the same show.
    In Sabrina the animated series her voice roles were
    Malissa/Ramona/Bolt/Perki Babble/Grima/Jane/James/Amanda/Witch/Lori/Ashley/Inky/Fairy/Cheerleader

    On my favorite animated series, the wildly popular, "Ed Edd and Eddy" she played May Kanker and Nazz.
    "Ed Edd and Eddy" was the longest running animated series produced by Cartoon Network and was nominated for the 2008 Favorite Cartoon Kid's Choice Awards.
    The voice talents of Erin and the other actors were a huge factor in the show's popularity and longevity. Erin also played multiple voice roles in Dragon Tales (Hoppy, Pooky, and Windy) The popularity of Erin's voice talent has also extended to video game voice roles.
    In the Everquest II video game Erin voices Dwarves, Erudite, Froglok, Gnomes, Halflings,
    Highelves, Human, Iksar, Sony Ratonga, and Woodelves.

    I look forward to more of Erin's voice work in shows and video games. There are few other voice actors who are as talented and as versatile as she is!