Erin Gray





1/7/1950 , Honolulu, Hawaii

Birth Name

Erin Gray




Erin spent the first seven years of her life on the island of Hawaii before moving to Palm Springs to live with her grandparents. She began modeling at the age of 15 after her mother sent her photo to a St. Louis teen clothing manufacturer. In the late 1960s Erin made her television debut as a dancer in a variety show starring Ricky Nelson called Malibu U.

Erin married her high school sweetheart Ken Schwartz and moved to New York where her modeling career flourished. In 1974 Erin gave birth to her first child Kevan Gray Schwartz. For the next several years Erin's face became one of the most recognized in the country. Among her many commercial credits she served as the original spokesperson for Loreal's "I'm Worth It" campaign as well as being the Maxi Girl for Max Factor, one of the first Sports Illustrated models, the Bloomingdale's spokesperson for over 10 years, and perhaps the most famous commercial campaign of the 70s: The Virginia Slims ads.

In the late 70s Erin and family moved back to Los Angeles so she could persue her acting career. After making several guest appearances in television series after series and landing a starring role in the movie Evening At Byzantium, MCA Universal gave her a contract. Her first starring role in a series came opposite Gil Gerard in Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. By the series end in 1981 Colonel Wilma Deering had left a lasting impression of viewers around the world.

In 1982, Erin was cast as Kate Summers in a pilot series called Silver Spoons. At first Kate was supposed to blend in with the scenery. The part was created for someone to look after Edward Stratton III. It wasn't long before Kate was as popular a character of those played by Rick Schroder and Joel Higgins. Within the first four years of the series Kate went from Edward's personal assistant to head of the Laser Division at Eddie Toys to Edward's wife and finally President of Eddie Toys. So much for blending in with the scenery...