Erin Kelly (III)

Erin Kelly (III)


8/21/1981, Point Loma, San Diego, California, USA

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Erin Rose Kelly


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Erin Kelly is a young actress who has had several well-known rolls already in her career. Some of them include her role in Loving Annabelle, where she plays a student at a Catholic school who relentlessly pursues an older woman and her teacher. She also starred in a…more


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    • Erin Kelly: (on her column from Loving Annabelle, if she is writing from her perspective or Annabelle's) That's a good question – I am actually writing it from me, even though it is called "Ask Annabelle." I entitled it that originally because the idea was to make it from Annabelle. But, I changed my mind. And even once I decided it would be from me, I realized that the demographic of women who follow my site are fans from Loving Annabelle, so they know me as that character. So, yes, the comments are coming from me, as well as from a therapist who is working with me as a consultant for that section.

    • Erin Kelly: (on switching roles to play a focused, promiscuous seducer in the movie Waking Madison because Katherine Brooks said she was good at it) [sarcastically] Oh, no. I've never had any experience in that area. [laughs] No, it's all just pulling from my imagination.

    • Erin Kelly: (on planning to play the role Alexis in the movie Waking Madison) Right. I was. But I ended up playing Grace, which, in the end, worked out. I thought the role of Grace was much more interesting for me, as an actor.

    • Erin Kelly: (on her character Grace connecting with other patients in the movie Waking Madison) Yeah, all of the girls. In the story, there's a community room where we all connect and [develop] relationships with each other. There's the bully, Margaret, played by Taryn Manning, and Imogen Poots as Alexis, the wounded girl who's tormented by Margaret. And I'm the character between the two of them.

    • Erin Kelly: (On her character Grace's addictions in the ward in the movie Waking Madison) [She] seduces orderlies, but none of the other patients.

    • Erin Kelly: (On her character named Grace in the film Waking Madison) Grace is one of the patients Madison meets at a mental institution. And Grace is there because she's a sex addict and a drug addict; she has an addictive personality.

    • Erin Kelly: I would love, love, love to do comedy. It would be so much fun. But I like the dark, f---ed-up roles.

    • Erin Kelly: I don't feel other people find me amusing. But I amuse myself.

    • Erin Kelly: (About forgetting her lines in a play) The only time I've ever forgotten my lines onstage was during a Café Play. It was with Jake Newton, who played Cat's brother in Loving Annebelle. He and I looked at each other - it wasn't for very long - but it felt like an eternity.

    • Erin Kelly: (How the film Loving Annebelle has affected her career) Well, first of all, it's an honor to have such a loyal lesbian fan base. Women are strength … they have much more power than society sometimes tells us they do. Women kick ass. What could be better than kick-ass fans?