Erin Moran

Erin Moran


10/18/1961, Burbank, California

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  • since first sighting as Jenny on Daktari

    Have been impressed with her acting since I first saw her on a show that I used to try and catch every week, Daktari, when she was playing Jenny. Then some other bits here and there , then starting off as a sort of scrawny kid sister on Happy days, as Joanie. Watching her literally grow up right before my eyes, into a Wah, Wah, Wah and a half. Discovering that she can sing as well, and watching her acting developing along with her over the years of Happy Days. I am certain that growing up like that in a show that was so popular, must have been very hard, with thousands of people feeling like they already know you from seeing you on television right there in their homes for all those years. May she live a long and happy life, and never loose the magic that made me develop such a crush on her.moreless
  • I caught most of the 23 episodes and the 30 yr anniversary/reunion 2003, was tops with me. I rank this show up there with Cheers, Mash, I Love Lucy, etc....a fun time for a family to get together and laugh.Navy Sherry..moreless

    great stuff; best show around, keep showing the rerunds.....will watch it every time, why not a movie, they made movies out of a lot of other ones, can you imagine the fun costumes, cars, music and dance....shoot, wish i could star in it..What a happy time, 1950"s and the burger/soda joint everybody meets at, I loved the theme song, almost all of the episodes charmed me while i was growing up, i'm a 1953, baby boomer, and those were simpler times, which is why i think the show was well liked. the whole cast and crew is so mememorial The fonzie, chachi loves joanie, Ritchie Cunninghamn and his fun times with his best buds, and the Cunningham parents, all worked so well, great writers. the chemistry worked on this show.

    .Navy Sherrymoreless