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  • a brilliant child actress

    Erin Murphy was just two years old when she first appeared on television as Tabitha Stephens in season 3 of Bewitched. Erin immedietly won the hearts of viwers with a cute face. At first Erin shared the role with her faternal twin sister Diane but it was always obvious which twin was playing the role. During season 4 Diane started to cry whenever she was on set, so they started to use Erin double time.

    It was in Season 5 of the show, that Erin proberly took over the role full time, although Diane did appear as Tabitha in one episode 'Samantha Fights City Hall'. Erin began to grow up in front of the viewers.

    In Season 6, Erin's character Tabitha gained a baby brother Adam, so in Season 7 Erin got two younger twin co-stars David and Greg Lawrence.

    In the final season (8) of Bewitched, Erin proved herself to be a brilliant actress, holding her own beside her adult co-stars Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent (Dick York until season 6) and Agnes Moorehead. Although she was never given a credit during the opening credits, Erin really was a fully fledged co-star. In the episodes 'TV or Not TV', 'Tabitha's First Day at School' and 'School Days, School Daze' Erin breaks out of the 'I-was-hired-because-I-was-a-cute-child' mold.

    Sadly when the show ended Erin stopped acting, hopefully she will one day take it up again.