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  • Erin Sanders is known for her role in Zoey 101 as Quinn Pensky, PCA's eccentric, but loyally genius. Now she plays Eden Baldwin, a troubled teen who was raised by her on-the-run father on The Young & The Restless.

    Erin Sanders is going to be big the future. I know she will because she's so versatile, and she can go anything she's placed with. Erin wows me with her performance whether she's being funny and comedic as Quinn, or whether she's being tearful and emotional as Eden Baldwin. She's very talented, and if she can start being as great as she is at just seventeen, then who knows what she can do ten years from now. I sure can't wait. I'll be scouting my telelvision for anything else Erin Sanders may be doing in the future. Did I say she was simply amazing?
  • A great actress.

    Erin Sanders was born on January 19, 1991 in Santa Monica, California. She is best known as Quinn Pensky on Nickelodeon's hit series, Zoey 101. Erin is a very talented actress. Her character on Zoey 101 always makes me laugh. She is sooo funny!! I love it! I also think that she is a very underrated actress. I have only seen her in one show and no movies (besides the Zoey 101 TV movie) and I hope that she has another role in a movie or show or else her talent may go to waste. So in conclusion, a really great actress and she is underused.
  • Talented.

    Erin Sanders is an extremley talented teenager, who does not have enough roles! Amazingly enough, the only show I have seen her on is the hit Nick show Zoey 101, the show about the teenage show about a boarding school in America with all different characters and personalaties. In the show Zoey 101, she has been in every season so far, and she is a central character. On Zoey 101 she played Quinn, one of the main girls in show who was basically one of Zoey's best friends, and really weird. she played Quinn really well. She should have more roles, to show off her talent.
  • Erin!!! She's sooooo great!

    Erin Sanders, in my opinion, is the one on the show who can protray the most realism through her acting. From the first episode, she\'s delivered her lines flawlessly (not to mention, pulled them off with a straight face for the most part). Having gone back and watched the first couple of episodes within the last couple of days, I noticed that Erin was the best of the actors/actresses on the show (seconded I think by Christopher Massey). She has completely gotten inside the head of her character, Quinn Pensky, and portrayed her brilliantly. Quinn is a character I definitely want to see more of.
  • Shes awesome!

    When I think of Erin, I think of Cheese. But only because on her myspace her headline is \\\"I like cheese...\\\". She seems very friendly, nice, and insane like me. So thats good. Plus, I like cheese too. In fact once me, my sister, and my uncle had a cheese craze and made a rule that we had to eat cheese every day.But then my uncle was told he couldn\\\'t eat cheese anymore and that kinda sucked the fun out of it.

    But anyway I like Erin alot. She\\\'s another one of my favorites of all the cast members.
  • My 500th review! Plays Quinn Pensky on Zoey 101.

    Erin Sanders started out as a girl scout and sold thousnads of cookies to alot of people. Her current role on tv is the role of Quinn Pensky on Zoey 101. Her character, Quinn, is a science lover and is weird. She has her own unique style and a way of handling things. She comes up with crazy experiments and cool gadgets like the robot she built in the episode Robot Wars. SHe is an amazing actress.
  • A bright young star!

    Erin is REALLY talented. She always has the best line and whereas everyone\'s characters are real and down to earth, Quinn has her own little world. Erin pulls it off fantastically. Her lines may be wacky (Aswell as the hairstyle ;)) but she portrays believeable emotion.

    We need more episodes about her! LOL