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Ernest Lehman was an American screenwriter who is best known for his six Academy Award nominations over the course of his career. Born in 1915, the Long Island, N.Y. native attended the College of the City of New York and soon began producing copy for an entertainment firm that focused on plays and celebrities. The experience sparked his love for Hollywood and the result was his screenwriting debut in The Smell of Success (1957). Paramount Pictures signed Lehman to an exclusive contract during the 1950s, which culminated in producing some of the biggest movies of the time. Lehman began to develop a rapport with Alfred Hitchcock as well and the two teamed up for the hit film, North by Northwest (1959). Despite experiencing writer's block during the process of creating North by Northwest, Lehman earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay for his work on the film. In the 1960s, most notable among his work was his creation of the screenplay for The Sound of Music in 1965. Lehman was the first screenwriter to receive an honorary Oscar in 2001 and then passed away in 2005.