Ernest Waddell

Ernest Waddell


7/22/1986, New York

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Ernest Waddell


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Ernest Waddell was born on July 22, 1986. He is a New York City based actor and he also is an amateur abstract painter. Ernest career is only starting but nonetheless he has already many films and TV series on his profile list. His acting career began in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • On One Tree Hill Ernest plays Peyton Sawyers older brother, however in reallife he is 4 years younger than Hilarie Burton.

    • Ernest has and will appear in the following One Tree Hill episodes:
      I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (4-5) 10/25/2006
      Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (4-6) 11/8/2006 All These Things That I've Done (4-7) 11/15/2006 Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye (4-8) 11/22/2006
      Sympathy for the Devil (6-9) 11/3/2008

    • When he is not acting, Ernest enjoys playing his guitar and saxophone.

    • He was in the movie Season of Youth and he played Flint Williams.

    • Ernest character Lee Hemingway on The Bedford Diaries is a scholarship student from Queens with ambitions to become an art history major. Lee has a serious girlfriend, Rachel, who gets pregnant, but he is also attracted to another scholarship student, Zoe Lopez. Zoe talks a fast and flirty game, but despite her brash veneer, she is still a virgin and struggles with her growing feelings for Lee.

    • The film The Poker Game that Ernest was on, won The Audience Award in the new filmmakers program at the Howl Festival in New York in 2003.

    • Ernest in 2006 appeared in Stutter as Shep. This story is about a jilted woman's New Year's Eve gets turned upside-down when she gets tangled up with an even more "jilted" guy Ernest).

    • Ernest in 2006 appeared in the movie Kiss Me Again as Student #3.

    • Ernest has appeared in 2003 in the series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the episode named Risk as Terrell.

    • Ernest from 2003 to today has a recurring role in the series As the World Turns as Curtis Harris #3.

    • Ernest in 2004 had a recurring role on the TV series The Wire as Dante.

    • Ernest in 2004, appeared in the series Townies as Brad.

    • Ernest in 2004, appeared in a TV episode of the series Third Watch as Tony.

    • Ernest character Flint on Season of Youth, was a smart young black student, on his way to fulfilling his father's dreams of being the first in the family to go to college.

    • Ernest in 2003, debuted as an actor in the film Season of Youth as Flint Williams.

    • Ernest has been casted in the cw show One Tree Hill playing peyton brother Derek.

    • Ernest is an amateur abstract painter.

    • He played Brad in the movie Townies.

    • Ernest played Ice T's son Ken on the show Law and Order SVU.

  • Quotes

    • (On One Tree Hill)Fake Derek: Who the hell are you?
      (Ernest Waddell)Real Derek: I'm her brother, bitch!

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