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  • Esai is an extraordinary talent and passionate about the public and his audiences. He is gifted and earned every credit given. He is underused and never backs down and puts all of himself into every role and project. He inspires me to persevere.

    Esai Morales contributes mightily to his community and would be a great voice in the political arena should he choose. Since I was a small child I have heard his words echoeing in my head," never give up on what you believe and never let anyone tell you that you can't make or it can't happen for you." I have watched him triumph over many barriers ranging from economy to ethnicity, yet he remained constant and passionate about his goals. Mr. Morales is a teacher and a leader and not to mention a survivor. todays youth in the entertainment industry could highly benefit from his tireless efforts to stay ahead in the business. He is and always will lbe my favorite person more so for his behind the scenes roles as a humanitarian and "actor-vist."
  • Underused but nontheless talented

    I have loved Esai since the movie La Bamba and
    Other things and he is indeed a very talented but
    Yet underused actor. Loved him in NYPD Blue and other shows.
    Hopefully he will do good and bring the ratings up when
    He joins the cast of Vanished as I can do without
    Jerky Gale Harold around. Also he is a good person off
    The screen donating charity work!