Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty


7/25/1923, New York City, New York



Birth Name

Estelle Scher



Also Known As

Estelle Gettleman, Estelle Scher, Stella Getty
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For over 6 years Estelle Getty made the world laugh as "Sophia Petrillo" on the much talked about comedy series The Golden Girls, where she played one of televisions best known mothers. Getty married husband Arthur Gettleman on December 21, 1947 and put off trying to start her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • July 25, 1923 - July 22, 2008.

    Estelle Getty was an excellent actress. Estelle really shined on screen. She was probably one of the funniest, if not the funniest, Golden Girl out of the four. She was so funny and I loved her for it. She is one of the main reasons I watch The Golden Girls. She wonderfully portrays the old Sicilian Sophia Petrillo. She brings Sophia to life. Sophia wouldn't be the same if anyone else were played her. Estelle Getty was definitely very, very talented. She was a personal favorite, and always will be for me. She is definitely a television icon and legend. May you R.I.P., Estelle Getty.moreless
  • She is so awesome!!!

    I love her a lot!!! She played Sophia in The Golden Girls, as well as other shows like Empty Nest and Golden Palace. She is sooo funny as Sophia. I love her sass and the accent she uses in the show. Sophia is very sassy but sooo sweet!!! I mean it!!!

    I am just like sooo sad that she's sick. I heard she can't even remember anything anymore. One night, I was watching The Golden Girls, and when Sophia appeared, I saw her face and almost cried. I wish there were cures for all her sicknesses. In my opinion, 84 is waaay too young to die.

    Estelle, if you end up leaving this world and going to heaven, will you please watch over me? You're a great person, and I look up to you. You're awesome!!!moreless