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  • My favorite Golden Girl.

    I must admit that I'm only familar with Estelle Getty's television acting skills from her role of Sophia Patrillo in "The Golden Girls", but I have to say that it is with that role that makes me see what a great comedic actress she is. As Sophia, she brought a lot of spunk to the role and always, in my opinion, stole the show in whatever scene she was in the show. Another thing that I like about Estelle is how she brought that same spunk to her role as Sylvester Stallone's mother in the movie "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot", and that makes you appreciate her acting abilities. However, it's saddening to hear that due to her declining health, Estelle had to retire from the vocaton that she has loved all of her life. That's why she'll always live on to myself and other fans as Sophia Petrillo.