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Estelle Winwood

Estelle Winwood


1/24/1883, Lee Kent, England UK



Birth Name

Estelle Goodwin


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  • Estelle Winwood was an adorable old lady who only got the spotlight a few times, but when she got it she was fantastic.

    At the time that I am writing this review only one other user has rated Estelle Winwood, and that's a shame, because she's awesome! I first became acquainted with her performance as the mad semi-phony witch Aunt Hilda on the old Batman TV show.

    I've also seen parts of the comedy (movie) "Murder By Death," in which Estelle played Miss Withers. This looks like a really funny movie, and one that I hope to see in its entirety sometime.

    As Aunt Hilda, she was a misguided cook who attempted to brew up potions for Marsha Queen of Diamonds to use on Batman and Robin. Often, these potions were comically ineffective. Her character always had a hilarious response ready, like when Marsha told her the other criminals were "not too enthusiastic" about her cooking (she was making toad stew.) "I don't see why not. Do you know how much vitamin B there is in the average toad?"..."Just twice the daily minimum requirement."

    Estelle died at the ripe old age of 102 in 1984.moreless