Esther Anderson

Esther Anderson


6/13/1979, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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Esther Anderson


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Esther began her career as a model, based in Japan for six years. It was here whilst doing commercials that she decided to become an actress, resulting in her return to Melbourne to begin acting courses. Esther had the chance to audition for Home and Away after a…more


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    • Esther: (On getting a role in 'Home and Away') I have always wanted to be part of the show and when I found out I had the role I was in complete shock, I'm still pinching myself now, but it feels right.

    • Esther: (On speculation that her role in 'Home and Away' came as a result of her modelling background) I think when I started on Home and Away a few people had concerns, but I have never been deterred that the model label would hinder me. If I am supposed to act I will and I am. They wouldn't have hired me otherwise.

    • Esther: For me modelling was just an avenue that got me into acting, I have always wanted to act.

    • Esther: (On the challenges of 'Home and Away's' lesbian storyline) First, the workload. It's my first big storyline. I was working a lot more hours, a lot more scenes. And just emotionally, I'd never been tested like that. As a heterosexual, how can I relate to that and make it real?

    • Esther: (On the controversy sparked with 'Home and Away's' lesbian stroyline) It's amazing that it's still such a taboo subject in this day and age because it's everywhere. The gay population is growing. To me there's no difference, love's love. The fact that your partner's the same sex is no different. The only difference is all that stigma society attaches to it.

    • Esther: (Her perspective on Tokyo city) Living there has shown me there's so much more than the neon lights and shopping. I was lucky I had time to appreciate it all.

    • Esther: (On spending six years in Tokyo) I loved it and got to see so much of the city. I was comfortable instantly, but it is a whirlwind, it's like being on another planet, but in a good way.