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  • Great on "Grey's Anatomy".

    Great actor. Glad to see him on "Grey's". Love his work.
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    Ethan Embry is one of those actors that appears in almost every good movie, but doesn't ever get any credit. His acting is always on point and he has shown great range with his skills. Of all of his work, my favorite has to be "Can't Hardly Wait."
  • Way to Go. Another David Cajun Guilbeau influences Crew.

    So glad to see something other than tired and worn remake of the old JR. With so much to explore and expose the possibilities are many. All that can be done to keep the stories and thems fresh and not current event driven will demonstrate the depth of creativity. The strongest influence of individual will prove to be Eathan Embry. The talent and individualality shown in previous projects are telling and historical. As told by David Cajun Guilbeau, time will tell. Every episode has potential to beconme a ground breaking expose\\\' on the family relations of untold americans. Time will Tell.