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    • Ethan: (advice to guys in their early 20's) I wouldn't really know but I would say be careful, listen closely, be honest. Don't try to be somebody you're not or do something just because you think you should. If you do that, you can probably be set up with the right significant other.

    • Ethan: (on how he was in high school) I wasn't the homecoming king or the study nerd. I got along with everybody but I didn't really fit into any particular clique or group. I didn't identify myself with any type of category. I sort of floated around. I was kind of a dork I guess.

    • Ethan: I don't take too many risks. I'm pretty strategized and thought out in life.

    • Ethan: (on dream roles) I really loved A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with Shia LaBeouf and Channing Tatum and Robert Downey, Jr. I can't recall the entire cast. But any one of the under boys, men, I guess, I would have loved to have played. They were just really tortured and dark and struggling and real. I love truth; that movie felt very true to me.

    • Ethan: (comparing himself to his character on "10 Things I Hate About You") The biggest similarity between me and Patrick is that he exists so much on the periphery of high school and of, I guess, mainstream culture and life in general as people perceive it. In a lot of ways I ways like that in high school, not because I was a badass by any means, which is probably our biggest separation personality-wise. In high school I was an outsider because I was just kind of out to space all the time and in my own head.

    • Ethan: The biggest difference between L.A. and New York is the pace, probably. New York is hectic and alive and visceral in so many ways. The people and the way you move around the city and the way you communicate with strangers is just very alive is really the only way I can put it. I say that only because Los Angeles there's such a sprawl here and there's such a lack of contact, really, between human beings.

    • Ethan: (on playing a character) Typically, it comes down to some basic ideas on how to bring out the reality of the character, some context, obviously. The main thing is, I mean, maybe I look at it from a psychological point of view, like are his parents dead, where is he from, what does he want to do, where's he going, where's he been, very basic and general. And then it really comes down to scenes and who I'm working with and how the director wants it to look and just sort of maintaining a sense of open-mindedness to go work.

    • Ethan: (on 'going through high school' again with "10 Things I Hate About You") It feels good. The first time was awful because I cared, and this time I don't have to give a damn. [Laughs] So that's nice, and I get to go on a motorcycle, too. [Laughs]

    • Ethan: (in auditioning for the role of Patrick Verona on the TV adaptation "10 Things I Hate About You") I didn't see the film before I auditioned for it and couldn't really recall the film and was just having a really bad day, so I didn't care to go back and look at the film, which sort of worked to my benefit because I think that I brought somewhat of an original interpretation of the material to the audition.

    • Ethan: I was a very energetic kid and really open to anything. And I was like, 'Yeah, let's do it. Sure.' And I wanted to have an amazing time because it's like playing make-believe.

    • Ethan: (on being the grandson of acting legend Gregory Peck) It's wild-he's such an icon, but to me, he was just grandpa. I only knew him in his house, in his cashmere sweaters, in the backyard, or in the pool. I wish I could have known him better-I'd have so many questions for him now, but in a lot of ways, I guess he's with me.

    • Ethan: (on taking on the role of Patrick Verona for the TV series remake of "10 Things I Hate About You") I'm approaching the part with respect for what's already been done with it. Though ultimately, we're creating something new.

    • Ethan: (on working with Mariah Carey in the movie "Tennessee") It was great. Unexpected. I guess I tried to go in without expectation. But she is such a hard worker. I can't imagine the stress she endures to be honest. But, yeah, it was great.

    • Ethan: I had always known since I was young, I guess since I was 7, 8, or 9 that I would be an actor... I don't know where that came from consciously. I mean I have an idea where it came from genetically, considering my grandfather, who is Gregory Peck and I think he is with me always even though he is not with us.