Eugene Byrd





8/28/1975 , Philadelphia, PA.

Birth Name




Eugene Byrd was born August 28, 1975. He graduated from Crefeld High School in Philadelphia in 1993.

He first appeared in the movie, My Little Girl in 1986 as Arthur. Five years later he started in the movie Murder in Mississippi in 1990 as Ben Junior.

His next movie role was Lamby in the movie Perfect Harmony that featured David Faustino (Married With Children) and Sean Whalin (Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman).

In 1991, his actor career started up when he appeared on the Cosby Show for a season. He played one of Theo's students, Eugene. Among the students included Merlin Santana and Yonka Doyle.

He guest starred on Law & Order as Tonel Otten (Mushrooms) followed by Beverly Hills 90210 as Robinson Ashe Junior (Ashes to Ashes). A movies called Bad Attitudes (1991) featured him as James, this aired on Fox prior to his guest stint on 90210. He appear on Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark in 1992 as Weeds (The Tale of Super Specs)

1993 saw him get his first regular series role on Showtime's Chris Cross. He played Oliver Cross and the series was about two friends at a private school. The series was done in Canada and featured Rachel Blanchard of Clueless fame. The series was a popular show, but suffered in the ratings and was cancelled.

He did a four episode stint on PBS's Ghostwriter as Walter (Building Bridges).

In 1995 he costarred with Johnny Depp in the movie Dead Man (1995) as Johnny "The Kid" Pickett. Sleepers (1996) had him as Rizzo.

Four years later, he was the co host of CBS's Sports Illustrated for Kids (1997). The show proved to be an instant failure and was cancelled. After this Eugene appeared in The Substitute 2 (1998) as Moses, Went to Coney Island on A Mission from God (1998) Teen Friend and Twisted in 1997.

CBS added Eugene to the Touch By An Angel Spinoff-Promised Land as L.T. Fans of the show complained that LT was taking away from the series. That was not the case as the show changed its direction prior to adding him to the cast. His best episode was not aired due to the Columbine Shooting in Colorado. The series was cancelled as he star on an episode of The Outer Limits as Ronnie Dell (Father & Sons).

The year 2000 saw Eugene appear on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Carlos Medina (The Third Guy), Third Watch as Puppet Ryder (Nature or Nurture & Four Days) and DC as Tyrell (Justice). Movie roles included Enslavement: True Story of Fanny Kemble as Jack and White boys as Khalid (1999). He started filming the movie Pinta with Garrett Wang (Star Trek Voyager).

2001 saw him appear on NYPD Blue as Andre Cutler (Franco My Dear I Don't Give A Damn) and The Education of Max Bickford as Ryan (Who is Breckenridge Long?). He is cast as Wink in the Eminem bio-Lift. He filmed a five episode stint on the WB's For Your Love. However it was held back due to a possible writer strike that didn't happen. Now Eugene can be seen in the movie 8 Mile as Wink.