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Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy


12/17/1946, Hamilton Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Eugene Levy


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Eugene Levy is a Canadian actor born in Hamilton, Ontario. As well as acting he has also worked as a television director, producer and writer. He is best known for his work in the Canadian produced television program Second City Television. His best know characters on SCTV were…more


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    I think he looks like Robert De Niro, but in a more funny way. He is very funny, I have seen in a couple of movies, from American Pie, over the Hedge, Ne York Minute, American Pie, the series, and a lot of other stuff. He is a really funny actor, and I will like him to try some more dramatic roles, but he is still very cool.
  • Funny!

    This guy is hilarious! He is in all over the American Pie series which is great to see some consistancy and has been in a whole bunch of other stuff like Cheaper By The Dozen 2 with Steve Martin. I think I have seen him in quite alot more, I am just not sure what!