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    I think he looks like Robert De Niro, but in a more funny way. He is very funny, I have seen in a couple of movies, from American Pie, over the Hedge, Ne York Minute, American Pie, the series, and a lot of other stuff. He is a really funny actor, and I will like him to try some more dramatic roles, but he is still very cool.
  • Funny!

    This guy is hilarious! He is in all over the American Pie series which is great to see some consistancy and has been in a whole bunch of other stuff like Cheaper By The Dozen 2 with Steve Martin. I think I have seen him in quite alot more, I am just not sure what!
  • What can one say about him??

    Eugene Levy. He's amazing. He's Jim's Dad for crying out loud! This guy is absolutely hilarious in everything he's in. When I see his name listed for a movie, I know it'll be something I want to watch. He is genuinely talented and it's too bad more people don't know of him. He may not be a household name though, but most younger people know of him because of thee American Pie movies and Cheaper by The Dozen. I'm absolutely hooked on everything he's done, going back to SCTV. He really should be a bigger star, and I only hope that with more good movie roles he'll become one.