Eugene Lipinski





11/5/1956 , Wansford Camp, England, UK

Birth Name

Eugene Lipinski




Eugene Lipinski, born in England, and arrived to Canada, he has starred in many roles for old television series, and for many great films. He is still working hard, after acting in 4 films in 2001 and 4 films in the year 2000, including "Bless the Child". Starting to act in a wide production film in 1979, and was able to play a role in famous movies such as two "Superman" films and an "Indiana Jones" movie. He contributed as a crew member in a film only once as the writer and the story creator, and was given the 1991 Genie Award for "Best Original Screenplay" with Paul Quarrington, for the movies, "Perfectly Normal (1990)".
He was well-known for his role as the Andalite, "Visser Three" in the television series that was based upon K.A. Applegate's science-fiction book series, "Animorphs". Guest starred in many Canadian television series, and played a role in many Canadian films.