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    • Eugene Roche and Webster costar Cathryn Damon worked together on Soap and off-Broadway in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Copies of the latter's soundtrack frequently pop up for purchase online.  Coincidentally, Webster was created by Stu Silver, who was Susan Harris' most prolific writing partner on Soap. When producers presented Damon, then cast as Webster's landlord Cassie Parker with several actor candidates to portray her character's husband Bill Parker, she enthusiastically suggested Roche for the role based on their previous collaborations and chemistry.

    • He was selected to play Arthur Carlson in WKRP in Cincinati but would be replaced by Gordon Jump.

  • Quotes

    • Cathryn Damon:: (on her Soap, Webster and off-Broadway costar) Everybody in the cast [of Soap] could really act. But I'm lucky on Webster, too. The man playing my husband is Eugene Roche, and we've known each other for so long."