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Eugene Sully

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  • Eugene!!!

    When Eugene first entered the big brother house I thought that he must be an actor. I couldn't believe that anyone could be like Eugene without acting. But it would seem that he wasn't an actor at all! I thought his random stories were fantastic. The look on everyone’s face when he burst out with his random antidotes was fantastic. He was so sensitive as well. He was always second guessing himself and getting all upset! He was too strange to be real!

    I would love to find out what he spends his money one as I think it will be something completely pointless.

  • Eugene is most geekest, and boring person in the house....

    Eugene is most geekest, and boring person in the house....

    But I love him and awww, he deserves to win.

    I can't believe he took the £50,000 but then again he didn't know that the price fund would have doubled.

    Eugene is so sweet and caring and he looks out for everyone else.I can't understand why Craig has to be nasty, when Eugene was acting like a Chicken in the BB task and everyone else thought it was funny, but no not Craig.

    I hope Eugene is one of the top 3 on friday, but perhaps he shouldmn't win because of already have some money.

    Good Luck Eugene.moreless