Eunice Gayson





3/17/1931 , London England UK

Birth Name

Eunice Sargaison



Trivia: Appered on stage in the musical production of "Into the Woods" in 1990.

Her daughter later appeared as an extra in the '007' film Golden Eye (1995)

Initially cast as 'Miss Moneypenny (the role ended up going to Lois Maxwell) at the beginning of the James Bond film series, she ,she instead was given the part of seductive 'Syliva Trench' which was to be a recurring role as well. She has the disinction of appearing in the opening casino scene with Sean Connery in Dr No (1962), in which she says, "I admire your luck Mr..." and Connery says "Bond James Bond". Her part was cut after the second movie, From Russia With Love (1963).

Eunice Gayson.

In Dr No and From Russia with Love as games player Sylvia Trent. In The Saint as stabbed-in-the-back Nora Prescott(The Invisible Millionaire); diamond thief's wife Christine Graner (The Saint Bids Diamonds).

Extra bit of information on Eunice Gayson was taken fro The Saint From bug screen to small screen and back again book by Paul Simper copyright 1997.