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  • Trivia

    • On April 14th, Eva and Katharine McPhee entertained the people waiting to audition for Canadian Idol at Toronto's Dundas Square.

    • In March, 2007, Eva became the new face of Maybelline New York in March, 2007.

    • Eva was nominated for a Canadian Radio Music Award in 2007, in the category of "Best New Group or Solo Artist (Mainstream Adult Contemporary)".

    • Eva was nominated for a JUNO Award in 2007, in the category of "New Artist of the Year". She is up against the previous year's Canadian Idol winner, Melissa O'Neil for this award.

    • Eva's debut album, Somewhere Else, which was released on November 14, 2006, was declared "Gold" (meaning it sold over 50,000 copies) on January 3, 2007.

    • Eva sang Canada's national anthem at the 94th CFL Grey Cup in Winnipeg. Nelly Furtado (Eva's idol) sang during the halftime show.

    • After winning Canadian Idol, she received flowers from Céline Dion and René Angélil.

    • While in High School, Eva won the Secondaire en Spectacle competition two years in a row.

    • Eva graduated from De L'ile High School in 2004.

    • Eva and Steffi D were the first people from Quebec to make it to the Top 10. While Audrey DeMontigny made the Top 11 in season 1.

    • Acording to some websites, Sony BMG Canada made Eva's first single, Meant to Fly, on sale on her website a day before the results for the competiton were announced. Those who noticed assumed this flub let the winner's name out early.

    • At the start of her Canadian Idol expirience, Eva identified Nelly Furtado as her favourite Canadian musician. She had the chance to work with Nelly as part of her Top 10 experience.

    • Eva supports Les Olympiques de Gatineau, which is her hometown hockey team. The team is part of the Quebec Minor Junior Hockey League (QMJHL).

    • Eva's favourite articles of clothing, as of 2006, are her Bob Marley and American Eagle sweatshirts.

    • Eva's favourite movie, as of 2006, is Ghost

    • At the start of her Canadian Idol expirience, Eva identified her favourite song as The Revolution (no artist identified).

    • The day after the final Canadian Idol performance show, Eva and Chad Doucette announced that they had been dating since just before he was voted off the show.

    • Eva's height is 5'5".

    • Eva's Canadian Idol fanclub was called Evangels.

    • Canadian Idol Competitor Number: 16315

    • First person from Quebec to make it to the Canadian Idol finale and subsequently the fist person from Quebec to win.

    • Eva previously won the Quebec provincial singing competition Jeune Diva du Quebec.

    • Eva revealed she was given the nickname "Eva le dragon", by her family as a young girl.

    • Eva shares a birthday with the former Beatles' guitarist George Harrison.

    • Eva is trilingual, speaking English, French and Spanish.

  • Quotes

    • Zack Werner: (During Top 4 episode) I say Canadian Idol: Eva Avila.

    • (Talking about Canadian musicians)
      Eva: They stay true to who they are and they don't imitate any other artist. They sing from the heart. They're authentic.