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  • Eva Gabor - A smart, beautiful, talented lady.

    Eva Gabor was an icon from an era that will retain the interest of sociologist and historians for centuries to come. While nearly 50 at the time Green Acres began, she was a woman of simply stunning beauty. The show was funny, and a welcome escape from the realities of a difficult childhood. As a nine year old boy, I literally fell in love with her. Whenever I hear an eastern European female accent, I still get weak in the knees.

    As fans, we saw only Ms. Gabor's public persona. Looking deeper, there must have been much pain in her life. While still a young woman, she lost her maternal grandparents to the Holocaust. She had to have been scarred by the heartbreak of love found and lost in her five marriages. Hollywood was and is a grim place filled with men who prey upon women. As a young, beautiful aspiring actress who could barely speak English, Ms. Gabor must have received numerous indecent propositions from degenerate "producers" offering to help her “break into the business.” In her later years, the difficulty of living up to her reputation as one of the world's most beautiful women would have been a difficult burden. Imagine the dieting and workouts needed to maintain such a sublime face and figure. Finally, as I contemplate her life, I am saddened by the fact that she died without having any children.

    While she possessed beauty beyond compare, Ms. Gabor was no dumb blonde. A perusal of her quotes list on this website shows her to have been a woman who contemplated life and understood its nuances. She retained an ability to laugh at herself and her image. She founded and ran a very successful company, Eva Gabor Wigs, that is still in business.

    Ms. Gabor’s passing in 1995 left the world a sadder place. However, her television and voice work will endure forever. She truly belongs to the ages.