Eva Green

Eva Green


7/5/1980, Paris, France

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Eva Gaëlle Green


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Eva Gaelle Green the French/Swedish star is Daughter of French actress Marlne Jobert and Cousin of singer/actress Elsa Lunghini. Her Father is a Swedish dentist. She has twin sister name Joy who is in business school, her first filmas playing Isabelle in the 2003 NC17 film The Dreamers…more


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    • Eva: I think it's very important to recognize talent in all facets of filmmaking. Making a movie is such a lengthy and intense experience, so it's wonderful to honour actors, directors, producers and all crew members who put so much hard work and passion into a project.

    • Eva: Towards the end of 'Dark Shadows,' the sets are cracking and bleeding, but so is Angelique. The fact that she breaks apart physically as well as mentally lends an added dimension, and I just loved playing that.

    • Eva: I wear no makeup in real life. I'm very simple. That may be why I go over the top for the red carpet. But otherwise, I'm very plain. I should make more of an effort, actually.

    • Eva: I was born in Paris, and it's a beautiful place, but London feels like home. I like the village feeling, I like running in the parks - even the food isn't as bad as it used to be.

    • Eva: I struggle to watch myself in any scene, to be honest. What's done is done. I wish I was able to watch myself, as it would really help me develop as an actor. But I'm not brave enough. It's a difficult thing to do - looking at yourself as this utterly different person on a screen.

    • Eva: I play the piano. I bought an upright piano that is actually electric, so I can practice my scales with headphones on and not make my neighbours' lives hell!

    • Eva: I give everything to my work, and I like complex roles, characters that aren't obvious. I've been very lucky so far, and I'm dreaming of working with directors like Jane Campion, Susanne Bier and the Dardennes. But the gods will decide.

    • Eva: I like style. For Dior, I did more of a collaboration shoot, not just a single image - so there was more to it. It's a very prestigious brand. I like their style and feel like their style is mine.

    • Eva: I don't like flirting, and when I love someone, I always give everything, maybe too much. And then you have to work at it all the time. I mean, the first months are always great, but afterwards it becomes hard work. It's not as passionate and crazy.

    • Eva: I always start the day with a cup of hot water and lemon - I find it really cleanses and hydrates me. I have very sensitive, dry skin, so I have to be careful about what I put on my face. My must-haves are Dermalogica cleansing gel and L'Or De Vie Creme Riche by Dior, which is thick and nourishing.

    • Eva: When people say 'You're so beautiful' it makes me want to kill myself! As an actress you want to be seen for what you do, for the characters you can play, otherwise I'd be a model.

    • Eva: I'm a dark blonde, yes. I dyed my hair blue, then black, when I was 14. I thought the colour was more flattering and matched my skin tone. I don't think I'd ever change back unless it was for a film.

    • Eva: I'd rather be thought as an international actress rather than a French one. Because I don't know what's coming up for me, my ambition is not to be typecast. So I'm working on my English accent, as well as my American one. I don't want to be like 'Okay, I'm French, and I want to succeed in Hollywood!'

    • Eva: I hope I will not be typecast as a Bond girl for the rest of my life. I'm very proud of being a part of the Bond family, but I don't want to be the sexy girl forever. I'm not meaning to complain, but I just want to be taken seriously.

    • Eva: Hollywood wouldn't suit me. In L.A. it's all about work - studio people have their five minutes with you and they go, 'Oh mah Gahd, I love your movie.' You just feel very self-conscious there.

    • Eva: A film can be big or small - I have to just fall in love with it. To connect with the character, the script, and the director. Sometimes they say to you, 'You should do that for your career; it's a big thing, people will go and see it,' but I wouldn't be able to, because my heart wouldn't be in it. I would drive people quite mad.

    • Eva: I'm worried because of my mother, she's going to see my performance and she's quite hard. She's going to see me naked. And my Dad, woah. Yeah, they're going to see me like a woman, you know?

    • Eva: I didn't want to do 'Casino Royale' when they told me to audition. I said no. Then they sent me the script, and I thought it was actually very interesting - and I had no other work at the time.

    • Eva: I also liked Daniel Craig. He's not like any other Bond. So we'll see. In 10 years I might be cursed for doing it, but I'm very grateful for what it has done for me.

    • Eva: For me, acting is like a therapy. I can express myself fully when I am acting and have blood in my veins. Even when I'm not working, I'm always living in my own world, imagining characters.

    • Eva: When I'm at an event, I like to be an eccentric dresser. I will just keep wearing what I like.

    • Eva: There's this shop in New York I go to; it has bones and fossils and insects that are like works of art. I have a few on my wall.

    • Eva: It's true that I'm drawn to unusual stories. Normal roles don't really attract me.

    • Eva: I'm very low-maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine.

    • Eva: I'm not into social media. I'm like from another century.

    • Eva: At drama school, I always picked the really evil roles. It's a great way to deal with your everyday emotions.

    • Eva: My mother is an actress and very well known in France; hence, I move to London to start my own life.

    • Eva: My father has always written with Mont Blanc pens. It's very chic and elegant and classic.

    • Eva: I'm very scared of water. When you don't see the water... I imagine monsters - stupid things.

    • Eva: I'm not really keen on men wearing perfumes. It's just a bit wrong! I don't find it sexy. I prefer essential oils - patchouli is nice.

    • Eva: I love the musicality of English. French sounds flat. In English, you can play with pitch.

    • Eva: I have Algerian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish blood: I feel like a citizen of the world. Life and cinema don't have borders.

    • Eva: I hardly ever go to parties. If I really have to, I'll go, but I'm not the most open person, which is sometimes not the best quality.

    • Eva: I go shopping maybe three times a year in an intense way. I'm like a man. Can't spend too much time in a shop.

    • Eva: I feel sick if I have to do something for the money. I can't breathe. I'm not proud of myself.

    • Eva: I feel like I'm 1,000. I don't feel I'm young enough a lot of the time.

    • Eva: Everyone wants to work in America. Maybe not blockbusters or Terminator, but to have the choice.

    • Eva: Actually, when I'm not filming a movie, my beauty approach is really natural - I prefer a bare face that looks really healthy and dewy.

    • Eva: When I'm not working, I just like to be comfortable: I love black, nothing tight, no heels, no make-up - it's nice to be able to breathe!

    • Eva: My father is Swedish and my mother is French.

    • Eva: It's quite hard to find a ballsy or complex character. So the roles I've taken are those. Lot's of people put me in the dark category.

    • Eva: In this business actors who have Botox or surgery make you very aware of age. It's awful.

    • Eva: I would love to play an unexpected character. Really raw and simple and not a cliche - something rugged. People like to put actors in boxes.

    • Eva: I love Ireland. I feel very at peace there. It's just magical and beautiful.

    • Eva: I need to fall in love with someone. Sorry - I mean fall in love with something. I need to wake myself up.

    • Eva: Most of the women in film are there to be beautiful to the man.

    • Eva: I'm not really involved with politics... I'm living in my cocoon with my classical music around.

    • Eva: A lot of the films now are more focused on the visuals than on the actors. I think all directors should go to drama school.

    • Eva: I think British men build up the idea of us French girls having some magic extra sex appeal so much, they lose their heads. I can't really understand the whole thing - but it makes me laugh. It's such a cliche to think all French girls are well dressed, elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Some are utter slobs, I promise you that.

    • Eva: The worst is when men try too hard, because it's not very masculine. Your outfit has to look like 'Oh, I just grabbed that.' Not too calculated. Jeans, a t-shirt: the simpler the better.

    • Eva: Lots of shy people dress a bit too much. It's just kind of an armour. People say the same thing about me.

    • Eva: For me, working out is nothing to do with looks. It's to let it all out - the stress, the self-consciousness - you think less; it makes you more centred.

    • Eva: My mother did movies from the New Wave, but I was quite shocked I didn't know much about that period. Bernado showed us film of the demonstrations of the time.

    • Eva: I don't wear base, as I don't like to cover up my freckles, but I couldn't live without YSL Touche Eclat for hiding my under-eye circles. I love the smoky-eye look, so I use Dior's 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Night Dust and lashings of mascara. I finish with a dash of bronzer for a healthy glow.

    • Eva: We all show facets, to your mother, or to your boyfriend, or a friend. You're always a bit different.

    • Eva: Traditional British desserts with lots of custard are my biggest weakness - I particularly love the puds at St. John restaurant in East London.

    • Eva: For Tim Burton's birthday I gave him a rainbow beetle. He loved it!

    • Eva: It's very flattering to be remembered as a Bond girl with brains and not just for looking good in a bikini. I was a fan of Sophie Marceau in 'The World Is Not Enough.' I think her performance was very underrated.

    • Eva: I love fashion from the 1930s and '40s - shoulder pads, high waists, things with structure. That is classy for me. Andrea Riseborough from the Madonna movie 'W.E.' had an amazing wardrobe.

    • Eva: I was very studious, too much. I would never go out at weekends. I was very serious. You should have seen me in class - I was blushing and sweating every time the teacher asked me something.

    • Eva: Hmm, limelight... No, I'm not Sienna Miller or Angelina Jolie. I'm very lucky and happy, but I still find it very difficult to get good scripts and good roles. It's really a jungle out there.

    • Eva: To help people in the third world get educated and learn how to read and write is so important. I mean it is such an important human right.

    • Eva: I'll need my whole lifetime to polish my craft.

    • Eva: England understands good Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisine; in France, we just get French.

    • Eva: Oh, yeah, I like a high neck. And I like naked backs. It seems very sexy. Red carpets are about being a bit theatrical - having fun rather than being too safe. You have to be brave. Fashion is fun.

    • Eva: In Los Angeles, I feel like the ugly duckling, like I'm from Venus or something.

    • Eva: I'm French, so I'm quite lazy about exercising, and I smoke. But I do love going for a run in the morning with my dog. That's all.

    • Eva: Life's too short to wear high heels.

    • Eva: I like characters who have strong facades and then have secrets. They have cracks.

    • Eva: Some people collect butterflies - I love beetles.

    • Eva: I want to travel. Maybe I'll end up living in Norway, making cakes.

    • Eva: I have my own style and don't really follow fashion, but I like leggings. They're easy to wear and can go with anything.

    • Eva: People think I'm so strong, but I'm very shy.

    • Eva: Success is very ephemeral. You depend entirely on the desire of others, which makes it difficult to relax.

    • Eva: I am a dreamer. Seriously, I'm living on another planet.

    • Eva: People say I'm a perfectionist, but I know that perfection doesn't exist.

    • Eva: I have Algerian, Turkish, Swedish, Spanish blood: I feel like a citizen of the world. Life and cinema don't have borders.

    • Eva: I don't have a problem with someone having plastic surgery, but I think it's crazy for everyone to have the same body.

    • Eva: My mother thinks acting is a cruel profession. And for years, I wouldn't even acknowledge to myself that I wanted to be an actress. I was afraid of measuring up.

    • Eva: Onstage is the only place I can fully express myself. It's magic.

    • Eva: At drama school, I always picked the really evil roles. It's a great way to deal with your everyday emotions.

    • Eva: For me, acting is like a therapy. I can express myself fully when I am acting and have blood in my veins. Even when I'm not working, I'm always living in my own world, imagining characters.

    • Eva: I don't believe in awards. It's very good for the ego, I suppose.

    • Eva: I don't want to be a Hollywood star. I just want to do my job and enjoy it. My aim is to find my true identity and to remain true to myself.

    • Eva: (On Daniel Craig, after they filmed "Casino Royale" together) Daniel is a real gentleman, and he's a real actor. He's not all in the head, you know, he's very visceral, plays with his guts and he was very paternal, very reassuring. Like a nice daddy.