Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria


3/15/1975, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Eva Jacqueline Longoria



Also Known As

Eva Longoria Parker
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The youngest of four sisters, Eva was born in Corpus Christi, Texas to Enrique Longoria, Jr. and Ella Eva Mireles. She attended Texas A&M, Kingsville where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. In 1998, she was named Miss Corpus Christi USA. Eva later entered a…more


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    • Eva Longoria: (On the hundreds of vibrators sent to her by her fans) People sent them to me by the truckload. Boxes and boxes and boxes. I gave them to all my girlfriends.

    • Eva Longoria: (describing husband Tony as a "flower" she looks after) I'm the gardener, I definitely nurture. Tony is the flower. But there are times when Tony takes care of me in an emotional sense. But I love to take care of him. I'm really a very 50s housewife. I love having dinner ready and making sure his clothes are ironed and that he's packed and ready when he goes on road trips.

    • Eva Longoria: I like to pretend I can dance like Jennifer Lopez.

    • Eva Longoria: I love doing squats in the gym. When I do them my butt beefs up and I fill out my jeans better. I'm constantly working on my butt because of, you know, gravity.

    • Eva Longoria: (on the media coverage when wearing Victoria Beckham's jeans line) Victoria gave me a couple of pairs and I love them. They were so tight, my gut was hanging over the top before dinner. Then, we came out of the restaurant and I was totally bloated. And now, apparently I have a baby bump!

    • Eva Longoria: We both want children. And we both can't wait and we practice a lot. But nothing yet. I'll let you know.

    • Eva Longoria: (revealing she has taken her husband's surname and will now be known as Eva Longoria Parker) I actually completely adopted the new name and I love it - I'm a Parker now! I love every bit of it - I like the tradition of changing the name. I've been getting used to being called Mrs. Parker for a while now, it's really nice to hear. Especially in Texas, everyone is really respectful there.

    • Eva Longoria: (revealing herself and fiancé Tony might adopt after they are married) We both have big hearts and the finances to do it, and we want to be able to provide an environment of love and stability to a child who otherwise wouldn't have that.

    • Eva Longoria: My friend Kenny Chesney is going to sing at my wedding. He just doesn't know it yet.

    • Eva Longoria: I get my hair and makeup done at work. After a while you get tired of being touched. When you do it all the time, it's refreshing when you don't do it... Tony says he loves the way I look when I wake up in the morning, which is the reason why I'm marrying him.

    • Eva Longoria: I hate sex scenes and kissing scenes. It's just an uncomfortable situation for everybody: 'Put your elbow over here, find your light here'. It's not really natural and just awkward.

    • Eva Longoria: There is such a thing as a bad chat-up line; and they've all been tried out on me.

    • Eva Longoria: (revealing she enjoys being dominated in the bedroom) I'm not averse to being tied up in silk scarves. I like a man to take charge. There's something very sexy about being submissive.

    • Eva Longoria: Probably 80 per cent of the scripts I'm sent are dramatic. I've had very few sexy offers, to the point where I'm getting annoyed and going, 'Hey where's the sexy stuff?' I'm going for the sexy roles for as long as I can, because women have an expiration date in this business.

    • Eva Longoria: God blessed me with some great, unique features, some beautiful, in my eyes, and some not so beautiful. But I think we are all created this way for a reason, so I have no desire to tamper with that.

    • Eva Longoria: I grew up as the ugly duckling. I was the only one with a dark skin and therefor i didn't really fit in. A lot of people made jokes of me as "the adopted one."

    • Eva Longoria: (About Tony) We're not just a couple... this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

    • Eva Longoria: I'm here today to announce my candidacy for president. Oh, wrong speech! In the last two years, I've had an affair with the gardener and a teenager, I've faked a paternity test, my husband went to prison, and I threw him out of a window. I would probably win in California.

    • Eva Longoria: I think everybody on Wisteria Lane has the money of a Republican, but the sex life of a Democrat so it's a really political show.

    • Eva Longoria: I can skin a deer. I can skin a pig. I can pluck a quail. You name it, I've done it!

    • Eva Longoria: (on keeping fit) I do kickboxing a couple of times a week and then the rest of the time I do yoga, stairs and a little weight training. But I'm lucky because I don't put on weight very easily.

    • Eva Longoria: Thirty looks young now! I feel like I have my whole life in front of me.

    • Eva Longoria: Forget Mike (James Denton) and John (Jesse Metcalfe), the one who really does it for me is Mr. Solis (Ricardo Chavira). He's strong, rich, tall, dark and handsome, and a great kisser.

    • Eva Longoria: I learned very young that jealousy is a waste of energy, and the more you think about jealousy or act upon it, the more you create it.

    • Eva Longoria: There's something very sexy about being submissive. Because your guard is down, you have to totally surrender to something like that.

    • Eva Longoria: I met her [Cameron Diaz] and i was like, Oh my God, will you marry me?

    • Eva Longoria: To be with the same person for the rest of your life just sounds so drab.

    • Eva Longoria: I just came into my own sexuality at thirty. I don't think it's something you can deeply experience at 18 or any time before that.

    • Eva Longoria: The best sex I have ever had was with my vibrator.

    • Eva Longoria: I've always said I want a farmer, not a hunter. Hunters go for the kill and they move on. A farmer nurtures; he watches things grow.

    • Eva Longoria: I find it a turnoff whenever men aren't into some kind of sport. And, no, video games don't count. I dated a guy who was into video games, and I wanted to shoot myself.

    • Eva Longoria: I could be a party girl, dating whoever I want. But I like being in a relationship.

    • Eva Longoria: I love being pursued. If you're not a challenge it's just not as fun for the guy.

    • Eva Longoria: I'm a fabulous date, I make sure I look good, I like hearing what a guy has to say and I make sure the evening is a real laugh. I like to laugh.

    • Eva Longoria: I'm Latina. I was born with high heels. We crossed border in high heels. We were running from immigration..... I can do aerobics in heels.

    • Eva Longoria: I don't really use a lot of products in my hair, but my favorite thing to use is Big Sexy hairspray. It's amazing! My hair is really heavy and the hairspray is strong enough to hold it, but light enough to keep movement in my hair.

    • Eva Longoria: (On getting the part of Gabby) As soon as I read the script I knew it was pretty special. The creator of the show asked what I thought of the writing as a whole. I told him I had no idea because I'd only read my part. He laughed and told me I'd got the job. He thought my answer was completely Gabrielle.

    • Eva Longoria: I would never leave Desperate Housewives. I love doing both (TV and film), but I would never do another TV show after Desperate Housewives. No.

    • Eva Longoria: I really want to do more films instead of TV and get the opportunity to meet people like Michael and Kiefer Sutherland.

    • Eva Longoria: I want to play strong women. I would love to do a romantic comedy next; I love people like Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey, Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant.

    • Eva Longoria: (talking about the pregnancy of Marcia Cross) I had everybody over for dinner. Marcia, Felicity [Huffman] and Brenda [Strong] came over and Marcia told us she had an announcement.

    • Eva Longoria: I have a trainer. I train every day but I get really bored really easily so we do weight training, balance training, core training, jump rope, everything. I have to eat healthily, but I'm lucky in that I love eating fish and vegetables. On the set our caterers will make anything I want. So if I feel like meatloaf they'll make it, if I say sea bass they will cook that for me.

    • Eva Longoria:I love facials - I'm a spa junkie. I love massages and scrubs and I am obsessed with shoes. I do pinch myself when I see how many pairs of shoes I have. My boyfriend Tony can't believe it.

    • Eva Longoria: I didn't really blossom until my mid teens and by that time I had to work on my personality to make people like me. I found it easy to make people laugh and I was always pretty popular.

    • Eva Longoria: (talking about her costar on Desperate Housewives Ricardo A. Chavira) On the show, Ricardo plays Carlos as the typical Latin lover, full of machismo. A lot of women find that very sexy. Not me, though. Ricardo is nothing like Carlos. Yes, he's the classic tall, dark, handsome man. But he's also extremely kind, a gentleman. He's very chivalrous, always pulling out people's chairs. Mainly he's intelligent, with an amazing sense of humor - those two things define sexy to me. We're both from Texas, so we fly home a lot together, and we often go to Spurs games together. He's great to fly with, very calm. But at the game we're both very intense. Don't even talk to us during a game - we're all business!

    • Eva Longoria: (About her friend Felicity Huffman, who was nominated for the Oscar but didn't win) I was extremely disappointed. I think Felicity in particular transformed herself into something different, something believable, being a woman who is playing a man trying to become a woman. I said to her, 'How is everything going on the campaign trail?' and she said, 'You know what I I realized? That I really want to win.' And so knowing that, I was so sad that she didn't because I knew she really wanted to.

    • Eva Longoria: Funnily, I don't have any problem finding a gardener. I think I gave a boost to the gardening profession. [laughs]

    • Eva Longoria: (on her work ethic) My work ethic comes from being surrounded by great women growing up - my mum and my three sisters. There were no men and they'd really focus on education and career more than falling in love, getting married and having children.

    • Eva Longoria: (on plastic surgery) I think 80 is beautiful. I think my mother is beautiful, my sisters are beautiful. The obsession for plastic surgery is really out of control. I don't think that extreme kind of thing will work with me. I do a lot of anti-ageing things to slow the process down, but I will never cut my face.

    • Eva Longoria: My idol was Catherine Zeta-Jones. I always looked up to her. I was like, 'Oh!' because she's brunette. I thought she was Latina because of her character in the movie The Mask of Zorro.

    • Eva Longoria: (talking about her character on desperate housewives) [Gabrielle] has grown enormously since season one. She has put aside her selfishness to give into Carlos to have a baby. Once she had the miscarriage, you finally saw a softer side of Gabrielle, which I think people identified more with because you saw she was human.

    • Eva Longoria: I think what destroys Hollywood marriages is our work schedule, not so much infidelity.

    • Eva Longoria: I'm like Blanche on The Golden Girls. I have a good head on my shoulders, but once in a while a man will come and knock the sense out of me.

    • Eva Longoria: Every actor hates being pregnant on a show because you have to wear those awful fake stomachs and you and up getting the all the drab, crappy maternity clothes. So I asked Marc right from the get go, "Please don't make me pregnant!" And at the end of season one I am pregnant. I asked him to wait until I got pregnant in real life so that could write it in then. He said, "that's a good idea. When are you planning on getting pregnant?" I said, "In about five years," and he said, "Oh honey, you have to be pregnant before season five!"

    • Eva Longoria: My No. 1 priority is not to stay young forever. I want to grow old. Your looks can only last so long and you can't depend on them forever.

    • Eva Longoria: Eva is a t-shirt and jeans. Gabrielle is definitely a little more fashionable. I love Gabrielle's sense of style, but I can't take any claim for it--I just wear what the shows tells me to.

    • Eva Longoria: My biggest girl indulgence? Shoes! Definitely shoes!

    • Eva Longoria: I'm a product junkie; I love everything about products. Every time I do a photo shoot, there's something new a makeup artist brings that I have ti try. One of my favorite things right now is Girlactik makeup. It's really fun and the texture goes on like silk.

    • Eva Longoria: It's a shame because you can't be private about your life and you can't be public. If people say, 'How are you and Tony?' and I say, 'I don't want to talk about my personal life,' they're like 'Trouble in paradise: Eva doesn't speak about it.' Then you talk about it, and they're like: 'Trouble in paradise: Eva speaks out.' You can't win.

    • Eva Longoria: How I'm the experienced one because I've been married, divorced, I've been in several long-term relationships. Tony's been in one long-term relationship and he's 23. I'm 31. I don't know where they got 'teacher of sex.'

    • Eva Longoria: I'd much rather be in a relationship There's no way in the world I would rather be single. Tony is too. I've said the only reason Tony and I are going to stay together forever is because we're too lazy to look for someone else.

    • Eva Longoria: I absolutely want to ... still go home at night to put my kids to bed. I won't do a movie if it means canceling a vacation with Tony or my family. I would much rather get married and have babies than have the best career in the world.

    • Eva Longoria: I fly home to Texas every weekend to be with Tony (her boyfriend), and we know we have limited time together so we don't waste it on anything like fighting.

    • Eva Longoria:I'm the baby. They all worry about me; they all take care of me. Even though I am the famous one or the rich one, I'll always be the little one.(She commands it from her parents and her three older sisters)

    • Eva Longoria:I'm the party planner, the social calendar girl, the activities director. Nothing goes on without me knowing.

    • Eva Longoria: Cancer is hard enough to deal with as it is. Imagine doing it in another language. Padres provides these families information and support in their own language. It makes a huge difference.[talking about the organization "Padres Contra el Cancer" (Parents Against Cancer)]

    • Eva Longoria: (Talking about season 3 of Desperate Housewives) I was so pleased with episode one, it just so much in it I mean it has the mystery set up for the season, we have our drama set up between Carlos and I, Jesse Metcalfe is coming back which I'm really excited about and then I read episode two and i freaked out about what happens in episode two my mouth just dropped today.

    • Eva Longoria: I don't agree with all the boundaries we put on everything. Women are forever discounting men for all sorts of silly reasons - too old, too young, wrong haircut. Give the guy a chance and he may surprise you. I've definitely been pleasantly surprised by my choices and I've always had plenty of choice.

    • Eva Longoria: It's so exciting to play the scene where Gabrielle shows more depth. I didn't want to be just the hussy on the show, who is superficial and doesn't have any depth. So once these scenes started to come about, like the speech with Carlos when they're broke and she says," Poor is just a state of mind," you get to see that vulnerable side of her. It's always nice to see those moments because then you realize she's human.

    • Eva Longoria: (Talking about Desperate Housewives) That scene in the mall was my favorite because the show had just hit and all the fans were there. It was really cool to have all these people watch us shoot. Now it's impossible to do that, but I loved the physical comedy of that scene, getting stuck on the turntable, and love the actress who played the woman who fixes it.

    • Eva Longoria: (Talking about one scene on Desperate Housewives) I have a great stunt double. She looks like my twin. I wanted to do the part where I climb over the fence but they said, "We want you to really fly over." I said "Oh. I can't do that." It was my foot but she was the one who flew over.

    • Eva Longoria: (Talking about Desperate Housewives) We were shooting that bathtub scene so long that the stickies on my nipples came off. I didn't realize it. It's such an event for Jesse and me to do nude scene because we both have so many tattoos and we have to cover all of them. The water turns brown from all the bady makeup. Ricardo gets to keep his tattoos because they said Carlos would be a men who had them.

    • Eva Longoria: (Talking about one scene on Desperate Housewives) I had to hold my breath for a long time in the bathtub scene and I almost drowned. I thought it was a wonderful shot, though, how it seems like she's drowning herself and you hear the voiceover about people wanting life to be over, and then she comes up into the gardener's arms in the bathtub and the voiceover says that Gabrielle found a lifesaver in John.

    • Eva Longoria: (Talking about one scene on Desperate Housewives) It was really cold when we did the pilot. It was early March and it was freezing. For the scene where Gabrielle mows the lawn in the middle of the party, the grass was wet, and I was in heels, and my dress was lace. It was an old-fashioned lawn mower, so it was hard to push and grass was literally flying up on my face. I remember the director saying, "All that spitting out of the grass, that's great. You should do that." I said, "No. There's really grass in my mouth." I wasn't hard to act like I was having trouble with the lawn mower because I was. But I thought that the scene was so funny that it was hard for me to keep from laughing.

    • Eva Longoria: I don't regret anything I ever do or say. I don't like to live my life being censored. I like to say what I feel, and I think people respect that because you're honest.

    • Eva Longoria: I grew up as an ugly duckling. They used to call me prieta fea (ugly dark one), because I was the only one of my family's four girls with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. Growing up I was the ugly one, because I was the odd one.

    • Eva Longoria: (talking about the match world cup 2006) It was a great game! The game was tied the entire time and both teams played their hearts out. I was sad when Argentina scored in overtime. It was sad to see Mexico lose.

    • Eva Longoria: I like being small, I've known so many women with big boobs who feel overweight or end up with back problems.

    • Eva Longoria: Gabrielle is the exact opposite of me, which is always fun. She's very challenging because she doesn't have any moral boundaries. She doesn't live by any codes.

    • Eva Longoria: (On her autobiography) They offered a huge deal and I like the idea of seeing my book on a shelf. The plot's top secret so far, but let's just say I have a wild imagination.

    • Eva Longoria: The pinnacle for me was being on Oprah!