Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes


3/5/1974, Miami, Florida, USA

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Eva Mendes


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Eva Mendes is an actress and model who has appeared in films such as Training Day and Ghost Rider. Mendes was born March 5, 1974 in Miami, Florida to Cuban parents. Her parents later divorced, and Mendes moved to Los Angeles with her mother. Mendes would attend California…more


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    • Eva: (On how word of mouth can help a career) ....So I say that to encourage people out there, to say that everything is an opportunity in this business,... ...If you take everything as an opportunity and do the absolute best you can do, greater opportunities will come from that.

    • Eva: (On being a student of acting) I've said no to a lot of roles that would have been bigger than the last few I've done, but that wouldn't have meant much to me... ...It would have been very boring for me, very one-note... ...And I think people see that,... ...This is an industry where people call each other and ask, 'Oh, how was it working with her or him?' I think I have good word of mouth and that people know how much I love my craft and that, when I'm in it, I'm in it 100 per cent, whether it's a graphic-novel movie or something that needs some serious emotion. I'm there, I'm willing, I'm game and I want to make it amazing.

    • Eva: (Explaining why she accepted her role in the movie Greek Fire) Julian Fellowes wrote a script for me based on the relationship between Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis, and as Julian Fellowes wrote it for me I couldn't say no to it.

    • Eva: I'm obsessed with Keira Knightley... she is so unconventionally beautiful. I'm kind of crushing on her!

    • Eva: (on her stint in a treatment facility in Utah in 2008) Because celebrities' lives are so visible, I think it makes it look lighter than it is. I have a really good sense of humor, I'm just very sensitive… It's because everybody is so highly visible now. We see everything. We see what celebrities buy at the supermarket. It's ridiculous. It's that visibility. I'm confused by this whole celebrity-obsessed culture. It's really weird.

    • Eva: I really want to do a PETA ad with Morrissey, I'd be happy to do it naked if need be. I've done a lot of work with them and I know Morrissey is a big supporter of PETA, so here's hoping!

    • Eva: The flip side to this strong career woman you see is a woman who loves being her man's woman. It's just sexy to belong to a man. There's a certain part of me that's like, 'Please take care of me'.

    • Eva: I don't wear short things. As for cleavage, I'll bring the girls out at certain times but I don't parade them too often. I like to keep them for special occasions!

    • Eva: All of my screen kisses were the best, though I regret not kissing Johnny Depp for longer. I was so intimidated by him. It was the first time I had worked with an actor who I had a crush on as a little girl.

    • Eva: I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening! We're Cuban, and it's a hot island. Why not go nude?

    • Eva: I really wanted to be in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I was 10 minutes away from auditioning when my agent left me a message saying that the part had been offered to Angelina Jolie. I got really crazy, ignored it, and auditioned anyway. I really thought I had a chance!

    • Eva: (on filming sex scenes with Joaquin Phoenix in We Own The Night) I wasn't comfortable at all, but they were very sweet and they poured me a vodka and orange juice and then I was fine. I'm very professional and I don't usually drink on the job but that morning I had to have something. It was my first sex scene and thank God James Gray was directing it. He did it at the end of the shoot, so it was the last day and I was really, really comfortable with James and Joaquin.

    • Eva: (On marriage plans) I don't believe in the institution of marriage, for me. If you love somebody and have a commitment that is strong and spiritual, then I just don't think a piece of paper makes any difference. I'm part of that whole school of thought that says when homosexuals can get married, maybe I'll start opening my mind to it.

    • Eva: I feel I'll take on the responsibility of showing the world a whole different kind of Latin woman.

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    Although I must say that she is really pretty I think that about her filmography there is not very much to say, I enjoy movies "Hitch", "Ghost Rider (somehow)" mand "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" but not entirely because of her, I think she is a decent actress, but she is not seriously the best or my favorite.
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    Eva Mendes is a decent enough actress, although she really only seems to play one role--that of the vixen. While she has been in a variety of films, her emotions just seem to be the same, in my opinion.