Eva Pope

Eva Pope


11/16/1967, Appley Bridge, England

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Eva Pope


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Height: 5'6" Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Hazel Training: Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art SKILLS- Good ear for accents (native Lancashire), basic tap, modern and period, swimming, horse riding and jumping, long distance running, cycling, painting


Trivia and Quotes

  • the best person in waterloo road!

    i think that eva pope can really act, which is why she stands out. She is so amazing in waterloo road i really hope she stays on. it was the worstt time when we werent sure if rachel was going to be killed off or not after series 3 or waterloo road! you can really belive that what rachel (or eva) is going through is real and it helps to relate to the character. she totally owns that school and kicked earl into line amazingly. sometimes, i wish that i was in that school... you ceertainly don't get any boring days! you rock eva xmoreless
  • This is an excellent and very talented actress and if you are reading this Eva I LOVE YOUR WORK AT WATERLOO ROAD !!!!

    i would also say how ca i get on the show its amazing and i dont miss it for anything. Eva you are a talented,perfect for the role as Rachel the headmisstress and you should be an even bigger star than you are all ready, you are the person who helps hold this show together and with help from the rest of the excellent staff you work with you make the show unmissable. Eva Pope you truly are the one true wonder of the acting buisiness alongside your co-workers and you do an absolutly dazzling job as the headmistress. Eva if you read this PLEASE let me know a way to contact you and the other cast member to get autographs and photos (or if im really lucky meet you at the place you film waterloo road). THANK YOU you are a true waterloo road HERO !!!!moreless