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  • Hopefully he will do more in the future!

    I first seen Evan on CSI Miami as he is not just handsome but very talented. I didn't know that he did other things. I thought he was a newcomer. But when I read his bio on tv.com. He did and does everything it seems from comedy to drama. And even though I haven't seen him do comedy just yet though. Think that he does great as Kyle Harmon, the troubled son of Horatio Caine, the main chracter on CSI Miami. And that he will eventually become a main chracter in the show. Very talented that I hope to see more in the future!
  • Evan just finished filming Walk the Talk as Lead "Roy" with Cary Elwes, Katie Cassidy and Chris Pratt.

    Saw some clips of Walk the Talk. Evan is in almost every scene and loved working opposite of Cary Elws, Illiana Douglas. He had fun working with Katie Cassidy and Chris Pratt. Excellent story line by Mathew Allen. Evan proves to be an up and coming lead actor. Great film and excellent casting.