Evan Handler

Evan Handler


1/10/1961, New York

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Evan Hander
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Evan Handler is an actor, author and screenwriter from New York City - though he grew up outside of New York in Montrose, N.Y., graduating from Hendrick Hudson High School. He is the son of a health administrator (Enid Irene Ostrov) and an advertising executive (Murray Raymond Handler).…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Evan was involved in a minor scandal when he appeared in the Broadway production of I Hate Hamlet. One night he walked out of a performance (quitting the play) shortly after the first act. A co-star had hit him on the back with one of the prop swords. Evan claimed that this was the culminating episode after weeks of bizarre and irrational behavior from Nicol Williamson, the star of the production.

    • Evan attended Juliard for two years. However, he left to film Taps and never returned.

    • Evan is 5 foot 7 inches tall.

    • The weekend Even started chemotherapy, he had to cancel a meeting with Warren Beatty to discuss a role in the actor's upcoming film Ishtar. Evan jokes that the cancer at least saved him from that.

    • Evan is a huge Bob Dylan fan and claims that 67 of Dylan's songs are tied for his favorite.

    • Evan names Dog Day Afternoon, directed by Sidney Lumet; The Accidental Tourist, directed by Lawrence Kasden; and All the President's Men, directed by Alan J. Pakula, as three films that mean a lot to him.

    • Evan has written two books, Time on Fire: My Comedy of Terrors and It's Only Temporary: The Good and Bad News of Being Alive.

    • In 2000, Evan played Larry in the TV bio-pic titled Three Stooges.

    • Sofia Clementina Handler was born on January 17, 2007 to Evan and his wife. She is considered a "miracle baby" because he was told after his bout with leukemia he would never have children.

    • In the spring of 1994, Evan filmed a sitcom pilot with O.J. Simpson. The show, Frogman, never made it on the air.

  • Quotes

    • Evan: (about the Three Stooges) As a kid, I was somewhere between indifferent to and frightened of the Stooges. I just thought they were creepy and weird. But in my late teens and early 20s, coming home after drinking and smoking pot, I found them hysterical. Absolutely hysterical!

    • Evan: (about being Jewish) It's a heritage; in a cultural, not a religious way. That means knowing the history, knowing the general ideas and why they mean so much to people.

    • Evan: (On "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip") Each time I sat down to a table read, I thought the script was fantastic. But from the first time I saw the pilot, I thought, "I don't think this is an engaging television show." I think that some of the brilliance of Aaron [Sorkin]'s dialogue can mask maybe some weaknesses. A lot of the show came across as a philosophical debate.