Evan Hunter

Evan Hunter


10/15/1926, New York, New York, USA



Birth Name

Salvatore Albert Lombino



Also Known As

Ed McBain
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Author best know for writing the novel The Blackboard Jungle and the screenplay The Birds under his own name and for writing the classic 87th Precinct police procedurals under the pseudonym of Ed McBain.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Even though Hunter himself wrote the screenplay for the 1972 film Fuzz, which was based on one of his 87th Precinct novels, the critics roasted the film and Hunter himself later disowned it.

    • Hunter wrote an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents entitled Appointment at Eleven.

    • Hunter penned two episodes of Columbo: Undercover and No Time to Die.

    • Besides writing the 87th Precinct novels under the pseudonym of Ed McBain, Hunter also wrote a series of novels featuring private eye Matthew Hope under the McBain moniker.

    • Hunter graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Hunter College in New York City.

    • At the time of his death, Hunter was residing in the same town as rocker Keith Richards.

    • In 1986, Hunter was awarded the Grand Master Award by the Mystery Writers of America for lifetime achievement in the genre.

    • In 1997, Hunter wrote a memoir entitled Me and Hitch about his collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock in making the 1963 movie The Birds.

    • Hunter wrote a grand total of 52 novels about the detectives of the 87th Precinct.

    • Hunter served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

    • Hunter stood six feet tall and weighed 180 lbs. during the years he was writing about Steve Carella, Cotton Hawes, Bert Kling, Meyer Meyer, Andy Parker, Hal Willis, and the rest of the gang at the 87th Precinct.

    • Hunter was the first American writer to receive the Diamond Dagger, the British Crime Writers Association's highest award.

    • Hunter based his novel The Blackboard Jungle on the two years he spent teaching school in the New York City Public School System.

    • Hunter once wanted to kill off his 87th Precinct hero Steve Carella but was persuaded not to do so by his publisher.

    • The classic 1963 Japanese film High and Low was based on Hunter's novel King's Ransom.

    • Hunter's third marriage was to Dragica Dimitrijevic. It lasted from 1997 until his death in 2005.

    • Hunter's second marriage was to Mary Vann Finley. It ended in divorce.

    • Hunter's first marriage was to Anita Melnick. They had three children but the marriage ended in divorce.

    • Besides his best known pseudonym of Ed McBain, Hunter also published books under the names of Curt Cannon, Richard Marsten, Hunt Collins, Ezra Hannon, and John Abbott.

    • He legally changed his name to Evan Hunter from his birth name of Salvatore Lombino in 1952. The name was derived from Evander Childs High School and Hunter College.

    • Hunter's 1954 novel The Blackboard Jungle was made into a classic film two years later starring the likes of Glenn Ford, Sidney Poitier, and Vic Morrow. The film version of Blackboard Jungle also introduced the classic song Rock Around the Clock to the American public.

    • Hunter once considered suing Steven Bochco, creator and producer of the classic police drama Hill Street Blues, because he felt that the series was a direct swipe of his 87th Precinct novels.

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