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  • just keeps getting better

    this actor here, just seems to get better and better for each part he takes! can't wait for more.
  • He's perfect..

    Is it possible to be in love with someone you've never met? No? oh.
  • Evan was an amazing person to get to know.

    I met Evan when we took the same modeling/acting classes. I just wanted to say that since summer of 2002 i have been nothing but proud of this kid and how far he has come from a small town kid with so much talent, to an amazing young man and actor. I'm so proud to say that i've gotten to know him previously and i hope that he keeps up the GREAT work!

  • Jesse Varon is in town.

    Evan plays Jesse Varon, he plays it well. he goes through several emotional states through the series invasion. he does it do well. it's too bad the show got axed, bad on the part of abc. they through away a very valuable show. I hope Evan will pick good roles in the future, i definitely want to see him play Jesse again, the role is perfect for him. i'm afraid the show might not come back again, it's a pretty good show. evan really shines on screen. his an integral part of the ensemble, the show wouldn't be what it is if he wasn't there.
  • Evan Peters was born in St. Lous, Missouri on January 20, 1987. He was in Sleepover.

    evan peters is pretty great. he guest starred on the disney channels hit original series phil of the future, but only for the first season episodes, not the second season ones.
    so anyways, evan peters was in the hit movie sleepover, which is from 2004.
    i think that evan peters is truly an awesome actor. he was so lucky to be on phil of the future! anways, i loved him on phil of the future, but i miss him now cuz hes no longer on phil of the future!
    also, he was great in the movie sleepover. he really made me laugh in it.
  • What do I think Of Even.....Hmmmmm or is it mmmmmmm lol

    I think Evan is adoreable! I love watching him on Invasion. He is a great actor. He defonately has something that draws you to him. He has that sweet boyishly handsome look to him. I look forward to every episode he is in. The show Invasion is excellent but he makes the show worth watching. I hope they do not change his character on the show because he is so adoreable and sweet.

    Evan Peters is the best!! Especially on Phil of The Future as Seth Wosmer, who is so funny! His voice is crazy cool and he has the best quotes!"Be careful what you snack on it could be Abe Lincoln," HILARIOUS!! watch him on Invasion. also check him out in the movie Sleepover
  • Evan Peters started acting around age 16 when he first moved to Califronia from his hometown St Louis Missourri.

    Evan finally pursued his dream for acting when he became the star of the independent film Clipping Adam. Ever since then, Evan has been in shows such as The Days and has guest starred on the show Phil Of the Future from Disney Channel. He made a small appearence in the 2004 movie Sleepover as the goofy but lovable skateborder Russell. Evan says that whenever he's not working on a show or movie he's always at auditions. Along with all his other appearences he's will be in the upcoming 2006 movie Gossip Girl based on the best-selling books playing Daniel Humphrey.