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  • A rising young talent.

    Evan Rachel Woods is such a talented young actress. She started off strong in Once and Again where she played a complicated role very well for her young age. Then her movie career shows off both her strengh and versatility. I didn't like Thirteen but she did a really good job as the young girl out of control. She was amazing in Pretty Persuasion as a girl who knew what she wanted and didn't care who she hurt along the way to stardom. But she was fabulous in Across the Universe where she played Lucy. Her voice was surprisingly good and she played the character well. She is a beautiful young actress who will be a very big star.
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    Evan Rachel Wood's roles are varied and are usually quite interesting and very dedicated. You can notice that she enjoys acting quite a lot, and in my opinion she is one of the best young actresses, unlike some others that are just partying and appearing in some lame movies, Wood has a lot of potential.
  • ammazing actress.

    evan rachel wood is such a great actress. her roles are very diverse and unique. her first stand out role was in the movie thirteen, which she played briliantly. it was one of those really great movies that only come around once in a long time, and she was the main character. her acting is great, and evan has many upcoming films to be released. her singing is also really good, shown in the movie across the universe. she sings a couple of beatles songs very well. in her personal life she is dating marilyn manson, which a lot of people do not approve of. it hink its nice, but whatever happens in real life should not affect your view on her acting. anway, she is so beautiful and talented.
  • This rising star made her acting debut in the movie "Little Secrets". She went on to act in hit movies: "Pretty Persuasion", "Thirteen", and "The Missing".

    I absolutely loove this actress because she isn't afraid to dark, real movies. I mean unlike Hilary Duff who only likes to do powder puff teen movies. All the movies Evan is in are real and VERY close to the true. I mean her and Nikki Reed are both great actresses. They did an equally good job in "Thirteen". They do some of the same dark movies. But that is a good thing because I am a big fan of theirs and theri movies. I just like to see movies like that every once in a while. It's good to watch them because it gives you a good taste of reality. But she overall is a good person and a great person.
  • my gosh...im soooo in love with her! she is the most gorgeous actress in the world! everything about her is gorgeous! everyone has said she has gained a lot of wait...shutup.thats so not true! every inch of her is off the charts adorible! i would do anyth

    i love love love her!!!!!!! once and again is the best show ever! evan and mischa were the cutest cupple in tv history! the kiss was incredible. i taped it so i watch it everyday...i watch thirteen alot! thats a really good movie. the missing is an awesome movie also.
  • Evan is one of the most talented young actors. She was superb in her role of Jesse Sammler in Once and Again, which is where she first captured my attention.

    Evan is one of the most talented young actors. She was superb in her role of Jesse Sammler in Once and Again, which is where she first captured my attention. I have since seen most of her movies, and she stands out as a major talent. She has done such very diverse roles like Tracy in Thirteen, for which she received a nomination for a 2004 Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture and was nominated for a 2004 Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, and won a 2004 Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Breakout Performance - On Screen; and Chloe in Profiler.

    She is an amazingly talented actress, and I look forward to many more great performances from her in the future.

  • Evan i can only choose one on how to classify on what i think of u but there are so many more. You are very gorgeous and one of the all time greats. I think you should have your own show that would just be awesome.

    Hey Evan this is Brandon. I think you are one of the best actresses in the world. You will become one of the best of all-time by the time you are done. I fell in love with you when you did the music video wake me up when september ends. That is a very sad video, and your performance in Thirteen was awesome i loved you in that. I think that you are very talented and you should even make your own show, that would be awesome. All of your upcoming films are going to be awesome. I HOPE i can meet you someday. Another thing i love about you is that you arent afraid of doing, you just be yourself and you dont let people get inside your head. If there is anyway you can get back to me i would appreciate it, but you dont have to.Well i hope you enjoy this as i have enjoyed writing it to you.
    Sincerly, Brandon
  • One name you won't find next to Lohan and Duff is Evan Rachel Wood. For many reasons, she can really really act, she is very smart and down to earth, and she isn't afraid of making dark indie movies.

    I first saw Evan on the television show "Once and Again." She just had a natural way of presenting the character and made it her own. Then 'Thirteen" came out, and words cannot describe her performance, Amazing, Great, Awsome... If you haven't seen it rent it now. She is just a long needed breath of fresh air.