Evan Seinfeld

Evan Seinfeld


12/29/1972, Brooklyn, New York, USA

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Spyder Jones, Spyder Jonez, Spider Jonez, Syder Jones
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    • [How he got his part on Oz]
      Evan Seinfeld: Monty Connor from Roadrunner, the guy who signed us in like 1991, his wife is a lawyer who represents a bunch of guys on the show. She told me they were Biohazard fans. I was like, "No way, I'm an Oz' fan." Hooked me up, and I'm out with Dean Winters, the guy who plays O'Reilly. Next thing you know, I'm in Tom Fontana's office. Two days later, I'm on the show with a big part, killing people.

    • [On Oz]
      Evan Seinfeld: I wasn't doing it for the money. Oz just paid SAG scale, which is crap. It paid way less than Biohazard paid. I just had that money in a separate account and saved it. By not going on tour with Biohazard and by doing Oz I was losing money. But I loved acting, and I loved the environment. I loved the show so much I was willing to do anything to do it.

    • [Talking about his wife]
      Evan Seinfeld: I was like, 'I don't know who Tera Patrick is. I've been living on a tour bus or a prison set for the last 15 years'. Sure enough, I looked her up on the Internet and I was like, `Wow, that girl's beautiful. What's the hook? There's gotta be something wrong with her. She's got to be crazy, hooked on drugs, broke, needy or something'.

    • [On the one person he would like to punch in the face]
      Evan Seinfeld: Fred Durst. Although he sells millions of records, he remains a jealous hater, signing bands to shelf them - in other words, buying out his competition. I'm tired of his whining.