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  • Um. I don't know what to put here. So let's just pretend I do, okay? This review is for Evan, because he's cool enough to get a review from le great Sora. ^__^

    Evan! You have a page on the Internet! I have to write loads of random things, because these reviews have to have one hundred words. x__x

    But you know I love you, Evan. Heh. You rock my ripped socks in half. Which is why I classified you as my personal favorite. Oh, and I got my American Idiot CD back from my sister. W00t!

    But yeah... If I invaded your privacy in anyway, you just give me a good kick in the -- well, you know where.

    You\'re going to go a long way, Evan.

    Lots & lots of love; Sora.