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  • A new star on the rise.

    Evangeline Lilly is absoloutely wonderful. She's a GORGEOUS actress with a high talent of acting, I really love just about anything about her. I really hope she stars in movies soon because she's just too good to be underrated, her character in "Lost" suits her really well, I hope to see more of her really soon.
  • Evangeline Lilly is a breath of fresh air to TV!

    I don't want to write too much, I just want to make the point that Evangeline Lilly is a great actress. We would not be "Lost," without her...If they ever kill her off I will be *so* upset. Lilly has a great presence on screen. Her scenes can be very touching/moving.

    I love her. Can't wait to see her do more!
  • Wrong Picture! Grrrrr

    I don't know where else to point this out...but in the pictures section, the second picture is NOT of Evangeline. It is a picture of that dirty slut Janice Dickenson (or whatever her name is)
    PLEASE, whoever is in charge of pics, get rid of that picture! It is a disgrace to Evangeline's beauty!
  • The new actress on the block.

    For being a new actress, and having a hit Tv show (Lost). I think Evangeline Lilly is realy great actress. She has great potential to go far in the acting business. Lost is her first big part every thing she has been in, in the past she has not had a speaking part. She has said that acting has always been a dream of hers. Now she is finally living out her dream, and hopefully she will be around for a long time. She will probubly be one of those actors a couple years down the road where every director or tv show or movie wants her for a role. She is just that good.
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