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  • The new actress on the block.

    For being a new actress, and having a hit Tv show (Lost). I think Evangeline Lilly is realy great actress. She has great potential to go far in the acting business. Lost is her first big part every thing she has been in, in the past she has not had a speaking part. She has said that acting has always been a dream of hers. Now she is finally living out her dream, and hopefully she will be around for a long time. She will probubly be one of those actors a couple years down the road where every director or tv show or movie wants her for a role. She is just that good.
  • Wrong Picture! Grrrrr

    I don't know where else to point this out...but in the pictures section, the second picture is NOT of Evangeline. It is a picture of that dirty slut Janice Dickenson (or whatever her name is)
    PLEASE, whoever is in charge of pics, get rid of that picture! It is a disgrace to Evangeline's beauty!
  • Evangeline Lilly is a breath of fresh air to TV!

    I don't want to write too much, I just want to make the point that Evangeline Lilly is a great actress. We would not be "Lost," without her...If they ever kill her off I will be *so* upset. Lilly has a great presence on screen. Her scenes can be very touching/moving.

    I love her. Can't wait to see her do more!
  • A new star on the rise.

    Evangeline Lilly is absoloutely wonderful. She's a GORGEOUS actress with a high talent of acting, I really love just about anything about her. I really hope she stars in movies soon because she's just too good to be underrated, her character in "Lost" suits her really well, I hope to see more of her really soon.
  • I am not saying Evangeline Lilly isn't beautiful, and I'm not saying she isn't talented, but I am simply reviewing the actors/actresses on Lost based on how I feel about their character in the show.

    I am not saying Evangeline Lilly isn't beautiful, and I'm not saying she isn't talented, but I am simply reviewing the actors/actresses on Lost based on how I feel about their characters in the show.
    Kate went by a few last names but I am going to use Austen. We first learned that she was a convict before getting trapped on the island. She felt Jack should put the U.S. Marshall out of his misery because he was suffering, but Jack felt maybe Kate wanted him to put the Marshall out of his misery so no one would find out about her. Too bad Jack and Hurley already knew.
    Kate often tried to help Sayid send out a distress call on his transmission radio. But when she offered to take it to higher ground, she dropped it from the tree, breaking it.
    Kate would get annoying at times. She was just too normal for my taste. Now I am talking about her personality, not her past.
    She also annoyed me when she was mad at Jack and Sayid for torturing Sawyer to get the inhaler for Shannon. What else were they supposed to do?
    Kate looked like she enjoyed her kiss with Sawyer a little too much. But then again, would he really have told her where the inhaler was for a little peck on the cheek?
    Kate found out Sun could speak English when she realized she understood what she(Kate) said.
    The only thing we saw Kate do wrong was escape the hospital when being chased, and rob a bank for a little plane. Come on, even though she loved the guy, would you really go through all of that for that tiny piece of metal or plastic or whatever it was? Also, Kate found the case of the Marshall which held guns and the metal plane replica given to her by her ex-love. She then told Jack he was the same man she killed, but as we find out later, it wasn't technically a murder.
    Kate admitted the reason she went with Sawyer on the boar hunt was because she wanted to spend more time with him. So we could conclude that she has feelings for him. She played a little game of truth with Sawyer where she confessed to him that she was a murderer. Now at this point we don't know if she killed anyone but her ex-love. But we find out after that technically she didn't kill him, he just jumped in the car before the accident.
    I simply reviewed Miss Lilly on her character, not herself. She is a beautiful woman and I respect her for her missionary work. But I just get annoyed at Kate sometimes because she always wants to participate in everything and she got mad at Jack for wanting to torture Sawyer, etc. The main reason is though that despite her past, Kate is just a boring woman on the island.
    Season 1(6.5)
  • Yeah: Spoiled brat by Dominic Monaghan. I'm so depressed. He's supposed to be mine, but the stupid Canadian fag stole him from me.

    I really wished it weren't true, so I wouldn't have to hate her for it. I tried to be reasonable and NOT hate her, but I can't help but despise her. I know it's wrong, but sheesh. Everytime I see her and Dom together, it's like Spartan 117 (John) looking at a Covenant. The book says he gets a pump of adrenaline automatically wanting to kill them. I, on the other had, have an impulse to bust the TV, computer, or burn the picture (and I've done that before). Sorry for being so hateful, Evie. I can't help it. It's an instinct.
  • It's amazing how well she did even though it's her first work...

    I heard LOST was her first acting ever. I was immediately shocked when I heard that. It's incredible how well she had fit in to the acting world right away.

    Another thing I like about her is the way she adores nature. From what I see in LOST behind the scenes, she loves the ocean. She's one of those person who would roll on the floor of leaves and dirt not caring if her hair or make up would be ruined.

    She has this natural beauty that is very rare in Hollywood. She has absolutely no make up in LOST, yet she looks like a superstar. I like her a lot. She's a talented and is beautiful.

    P.S. Okay, mzmonaghan4eva, I understand you are quite jealous of her because of their engagement. But there's one thing you need to know, it was Dominic who proposed to Evangeline. HE made the decision. As a fan of his don't you think you should respect his love instead of bashing who he's about to spend the rest of his life with? Your immaturity is rediculous. You obviously don't hate Evangeline yet you still call her a fag. next time you want to review on someone please leave opinions that are useful and isn't just full of your own foolishness.
  • Evangeline - what a legend! She fantsatic and also mysterious at the same time - basically she\'s my hero and she is really someone you can relate to - if anyone knows an address to write to please let me know - she is phenomenal and classy - i love_her

    Evangeline Lilly is a real star in the making - she protrays great talent and let be frank - she is gorgeous and we all know it. She brings some mystery onto the show, even though she is a criminal you can still relate to her really well, she is a breath of fresh air to Lost. I really want to write to her so if anyone knows an address please let me know. At first when we saw Kate as a harderned crimial you automatically think the worst of her, and as they say on the show, it does not matter what you did in the past it is how you are living now. She is my hero and I really want to write her a letter. There is an irristable charm about her that makes you want to see her adventures further in Lost and makes you love her even though you know all about her past. Quite frankly i love her!! She is one of the people on the show you look forward to seeing, she is unique and determined and always helping others, she is my hero, she is gorgeous and with a figure like that who would disagree?
  • I used to really respect her, i suppose i'm just jelous of her now, but its all changed since shes been dating Dominic...

    ok i know she's gorgeous, but she is getting engaged (allegedly) to my all time hero star love of my life Dominic Monaghan. It\'s stupid to hate her but i really really do, its not her fault for being so lovely, but why oh why Dominic. Its sad to be this insanely in love with someone you don\'t even know but still...
  • HOT! and cool

    HOT! and cool.She is a great actress.I love her show lost.If shes happy with Dom im happy for them.She's a better actress then they give her credit for(i know i could have chosen that for a head line).She is veary talented and veary good looking.watch lost and see her(lilly)ok that.
  • Just plain awesome

    Eangeline Lilly is just wonderful. She is such an amazing actress and as a person I think she is very admirable. She is very down to earth and just very genuine. It's refreshing to see an actress who is not obsessed with looks or is very superficial. She is one of the best actors on Lost and I hope she continues to act once the show is through.
  • I like her, but I feel her co-star Fox takes her glory.

    I feel that she should be a bigger actress, because she has it all, she is drop dead gorgeous, a great actress, and has a great start to her career. I feel she should be a greater charcter on Lost, instead on the doctors nurse. I think Kate and Sawyer should become a couple, dispit Jack. I hope to see more of this shinning star!
  • You probably know her as Kate Austen from Lost... Evangeline is great and a new fresh promising face in Hollywood!

    Evangeline Lilly is probably one of the most famous faces these days thanks to Lost. Her role as Kate Austen is quite challenging but an excellent role to portray and Evangeline has done well.

    I was quite suprised when I heard that she was dating Dominic Monaghan... its good to see that she's happy but I just hope that it wont be awkward for them if they break up.

    I cant wait to see Evangeline on the big screen as Id like her to make it big in Hollywood. I wish Evangeline all the best in her career because she's great, she's awesome, hot!

    Star Grade- A.
  • Beautiful, great actress and she's Canadian!! What more could you ask for??

    When I watched the first episode of Lost I recognized Evangeline Lilly right away. Not because she was a huge Hollywood star (cause she wasnt yet) but because she went to my high school. Its great seeing people that start out as just average people in a small town actually make it. Now watching her on interviews on TV I can tell that she still is the same person- down to earth and beautiful. Lost has to be one of my favorite new shows on television- and Evangelines character Kate is one of my favorite. Shes very intriguing, full of mystery and its great.
    All in all- Evangeline Lilly is totally a 10!!
  • Lost in Herself.

    Evangeline Lilly has appeared in one major television show production. America's biggest drama series "Lost" where Lilly plays the role of "Kate Austin" a mysterious escaped convict who was travelling with a marshall on the plane - which crashed stranding fourty survivors on an island.

    Evangeline's natural charm and irresistable personality began to shine through from the first moment on the show. Her natural acting gift is used to the fullest with her co-stars and apparently she is great person to have on set.

    Her smooth black hair and dark bruding eyes indicate that she is already becoming a sex symbol, whether or not her parents are against it.

    The star of the 18M an episode show says she enjoys working on the set - and because the events feel so real, she can actually place herself in the situation. Which she says aids to her acting skills majorly.

    I think personally it would be nice to see Evangeline persue movies or maybe a comedy sitcom after "Lost" finishes - Although producer Damon Lindeloff says "we are looking at another three series yet".

    All you need to do is watch her, to become almost enchanted. Evangeline Lilly is a dream.
  • WOW

    Evangeline Lilly is one of the hottest women on television right now. The girl has an awesome body and a smile that can make you melt. Her freckles are absolutely cute as hell. No wonder Jack and Sawyer are always fighting over her. She's the perfect girl...minus the whole part about her being a murderer and getting her best friend killed. Lost is lucky to have her. From the interviews I've read about her, she seems like a very down to earth girl. I can't wait to see her in more roles in the future. Lost episodes just won't cure my Evangeline fix anymore, I need more! Haha :-)
  • dont bother with this thing skip to the review

    I love her role in Lost she is so talented and cute you know in a cute but im not gay just giving a compliment sorta way. I do think she is talented and Im glad she came to play in Lost i am so glad she got that certificate or whatever it was she needed to come to the US but its a shame the canadians dont get to see her all the time i mean im sure they watch her but you know what I mean andyway I think shes talented and has earned everything shes acchieved! seems sweet too. when I said that gay thing earlier that wasnt saying she was gay I was saying im a chick to and im not trying to sent that I am gay message cause i said that she was cute as a compliment
  • She is perfect, only one flaw: Dominic Monaghan!

    She is just a beautiful and talented creature. Not only is she gorgeous but she is also a very nice person: she was a missionary and went to the Philippines to help people. She lived in a hut during her stay. Did I mention she climbs trees? HEHEHE!!

    She is is simply BEAUTIFUL!!! I like her, only without Dominic. Actually, I used to love her, not so much anymore. I think she deserves better and can do better but Dominic? Naaah!! Unbelievable!! SHOCKING!! I'm not against him or anything I mean I like the guy but not for her. She is a goddness, and he is a somewhat "mediocre man". I'm not dissing Dominic; I'm simply implying that she could have gotten someone "like her".
  • she cool

    this lady is cool and so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so pretty! i had never heard of her but I still like her a lot lot lot! I dunno why, it's just that she's seems like an awesome person. even if she's not, i still like her. ha ha ha ha
  • An Upcoming Star! Gorgeous!

    Evangeline Lilly is becoming one of the most familiar faces to the new television. Drawing in bemused viewers from the 18million hit ABC show “Lost”. The brown haired beauty plays ‘Kate Austin’ on the show and has been there as a main since the Pilot episode last year.

    She stunned the world with her beauty after being set alongside some of the hottest upcoming actors in Hollywood. Evangeline Lilly said that she wasn’t looking to be famous for too long, it would be appear that already the fame is becoming too much for her.

    I’ve noticed when watching the show that she can employ many emotions and she is a credit in my eyes, to the world and to the show.
  • I like her very much and she is really talent and everything

    I think that Evangeline Lilly is a very talent person and I think that her role in the television series Lost is one of the best that she could imagine and I think that she is really, really talent and I think that her role in this series is really one of the best ones of the show. I think that Lost is a cool and great show too, but that is not this review is about... well I think that Evangeline Lilly is one of the most talented persons I have ever meet in my life, and I think that she is really cool and everything.
  • Simply Gorgeous.

    Evangeline Lilly – a sublime and stunningly beautiful new face to the television. My personal favorite and many others also, but I do have to say – I think this alluring new woman’s ability to draw in many viewers is all in her natural personality.

    Her first role on television is the fanciable ‘Kate Austen’ on Lost, the mysterious television show about ten survivors from a plane crash, cast-away on an island. With Kate, the producers have definitely used her features to her bonus. Using her long, sleek brown hair and gorgeous dark brown eyes, it’s almost as if Evangeline Lilly is a love potion.

    She’s not only easy on the eyes, but she’s also a fantastic actress.
  • She is so gorgeous and pretty talented.

    She is a pretty good actress. She is not the best, but she is getting there. I know she is fairly new the acting world and it is going to take sometime before she can really shine.

    Do not get me wrong, she is pretty good as Kate on LOST. But there are moment where she seems kind of dull. There are moments though out the show where she is supposed to cry and yet she does not shed any tears. She is getting better at that though.

    Another thing about Evangeline Lilly is the girl is a goddess. I admire her because she is so pretty.

  • an incredibly talented actress!

    i've only just seen her in "lost" and have been wondering why she hasn't been discovered earlier.

    she puts an incredible amount of energy, charisma, strength and then again vunerability to the role of "kate" that it is overwhelming. she's not shown as a "tough babe", some kind of valkyrie but as a gentle, caring but then again very courageous character and she is doing a wonderful job with all of these facets. we know that "kate" has commited several crimes but she still manages to play her in a way that makes forget about what she has done, adding a very strong amiability to her character.

    i've seen the bonus material on how the cast was found. she almost failed in becoming kate because she had great difficulties in getting a work permit for the us. thanks god it finally worked out because i think that she is one of the greatest benefits to this show!
  • Okay, I get it.

    I know many will pry disagree with this because Miss Lilly has her strong following, but honestly, I don't see it. From the start I didn't she was that great. Eva is promoted as the "hottie" of LOST, but to me she's just annoying.

    I'll start with character. Kate isn't really the most exciting on the show and has gone from decent to annoying and least favorite. I get it LOST producers. She's supposed to be the new "it" girl. If they could make her character not as leader-ish (if ya get me), I might like her better.

    And now on to the person. I saw this girl on The Tonight Show. I'm an open minded person. I thought maybe her talk show appearance could give me some new insight. Then she says how her "friend," pry her bf, urinated in a bottle. And he left it in her car. Not long afterwards, she says how she found these three bottles, and being the healthy person she is, drank it. I'm sorry, but uh, urine has a specific smell. How dumb can you be? Sorry, but who drinks a bottle the found in their car that might have been sitting there for weeks. I don't care what it could be. I was making fun of that for a while.

    So there went my last ounce of respect. She's not smart either.

    She's an average actress. Nothing that special.

    And as far as looks wise, she isn't what I call beautiful. She's okay. She's a bit above average. She's not ugly I mean. I'd never say that. But she's just mreo girl next door type. Normal looking. I can give her that.

    And as for her body. What body? She is built like a boy. She is skinny, not too skinny, normal athletic skinny, but still skinny. She has zero curves. She has no hips, no butt, and she has little boy b**bs. Her body is nothing special. She's in shape. That's about it.

    I never judge right away. I took time to give her and her character a chance, and after that was not impressed. Maybe everybody else sees something I don't see. Sorry that I can't.
  • Perfect...!

    I have to admit I didn't know her before Lost.But when I saw her...Damn!She is amazing.I haven't been impressed this way since Kristin Kreuk.Evie is so beautiful,in a wild way!Her eyes are fire.And sometimes she is so sweet.Her body is amazing,otherwise she wouldn't have been a model :).And plus she is a very talented actress.It's not so usual for models to know how to act.The examples are numerous.So the package that Evie has is just perfect!I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.And her future I'm sure will be full of success.Sexy, talented, beautiful, sweet, wildcat :), goddess...!
  • Hot!

    Evangeline Lilly is a very very very beautiful and hot actress! In my opinion she is the most beautiful prime time actress at this time. Evangeline is a very normal and down to earth person who likes helping in charity projects that's why she is such a good person and that's one of the reasons I like her as a person. She is an amazing actor and she is well known for playing Kate in ABC's hit TV drama series LOST. In my opinion LOST was lucky to get someone as sweet and beautiful as Evangeline to play the role of Kate.
  • OMG Evangeline Lilly, where to start.. she is just outstanding!

    I watched the very first episode of LOST and just fell in love with her (it's hard not too!) She plays the role of Kate in LOST fantastically and all you want to do is watch more of her! This is a sign of a great actress! I mean i would watch any tv show or movie with her in it, just because she was in it! I recon that Evi will become very popular in the years to come. Before she became know as the "hottie" from LOST she was a very successful model! She is just the most gorgeous person in the world and she is defiantly very talented at acting (among other things) She is so beautiful and I just love her so much!!!
  • Don't let her good looks fool you, Evangeline Lilly knows what she is doing, and she does it good.

    You might assume that Kate (Evangeline Lilly's character from Lost) is an innocent little angel. It would be hard to imagine her as anything but that, given Ms. Lilly's winning smile and upbeat personality. That is where you'd be dead wrong. Kate has a past, a history so horrible that she spends probably every waking moment trying to figure out how to hide it from everyone. I could not imagine anyone but Evangeline Lilly being able to pull off a character like this. She simply NAILS the part, and would probably do well in any complex, layered female role such as this. I'm not rooting for her to stop playing Kate just yet, but I'm sure if she decides (or the producers decide) she needs to move on, she'll find success out there in another aspect. That's just the way she is.
  • The most talented actress!!

    Evangeline Lilly is absolutely gorgeous and also SO talented! She stars on LOST as Kate Austen. This role is so perfect for her! She does it so well. She had many jobs before acting, such as a flight attendant and even a sunday school teacher! One thing I really love about her is when I read that she went on a mission trip to the phillipines! I think that is so cool,and I look up to her and am so proud of her. She has really come along way!! Anyway, She is without a doubt absolutely gorgeous! I hope to see her in movies some day! Shes just so talented!!
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