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  • Evangeline Lilly.Talented,Gorgeous and original.

    Since i have watched the first episode of Lost Evangeline Lilly became my all-time favourite actress. Her talent,beauty and sweetness made me love her from the very beginning. Besides her good appearance her performance is outstanding and original and that is what makes her stand out. She is not just good looking,but she is clever and kind as well. Evangeline deserves to be recognised for her hard work and win some awards.
    Her role as Kate on Lost made her famous but it is sure that several movies will follow up and she will show her talent to even more people around the world. I am looking forward to watch her first movie "Afterwards" in which she is going to play the role of a woman called Claire.
    I love watching her on the greatest series ever made and she sure adds a lot of things in the show. Without her, Lost would not be as perfect as it is at the moment. I am glad she was given this role because it gave us the opportunity to meet a brilliant actress while showbiz gained another bright star.