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  • She amazes me...

    When I first heard about Lost and looked at the cast list I had hard time recognizing anyone apart from Dominic Monaghan and Terry O'Quinn.

    Apparently , it's part of the JJ Abrams - magic. Remember Alias? Remember Jennifer Garner? She was literally nobody in Hollywood before Alias. But for some strange reason she got casted and JJ made her a true star. Her career is going strong...

    I guess the same is happening to the cast of Lost, including Evangeline Lilly.

    She has done literally nothing before Lost. If you look at her imdb profile, all she did was commercials and cameos, maybe a few minute worthy guest acting. But with Lost, she's the female lead, and surprisingly, it only took her a split second to get into the character of Kate.

    Sure, she improved over the seasons, but she was already great to start with. She has an amazing emotinal range. Her character is rather complex and she has no problems whatsoever displaying that. One minute she's jungle Jane, the next she's a loving wife, then she's a running criminal... et cetera, et cetera. She's just really really talented and...

    what an eyecandy! Evangeline Lilly is one of the best looking ladies on small AND big screen. I mean - wow. She's featured on the show without make up most of the time and oh my god. She beats women who take hours to apply their make up! She's just really natural and that's a very rare things nowadays.

    Also, she's really honest. Watching an interview with her is amazing because it makes you realize that she's "just" another human being... Overall, Evangeline is a prime example of a fantastic actress and person.