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    • Evangeline Lilly was a Golden Globe nominee in 2006 as Best Actress - Television Series Drama and won 11 Prime Time Emmy Awards including best drama in 2005.

    • Evangeline Lilly's List of Appearences/Rankings/Titles:

      2010 - No. 47, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
      2010 - No. 7, popcrunch.com's The 100 Hottest Women of 2010
      - No. 94, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
      2009- No. 42, AIM's 100 Hottest Brunettes
      2008 - No. 54, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
      2008- No. 88, Maxim magazine's Hot 100
      2007 - No. 17, Entertainment Weekly's "Butt-Kicking Babes: New and Improved"
      2007 - No. 4, Entertainment Tonight Canada's Best Dressed at the 64th Golden Globe Awards
      2007 - Sci Fi Magazine's Sexiest Woman of Sci Fi
      2006 - No. 8, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
      2006 - Canadian Business Magazine's Most Powerful Canadians in Hollywood
      2006 - No. 45, AskMen.com's Top 99 Women
      2005 - No. 75, FHM's100 Sexiest Women
      2005 - No. 11, MuchMusic's Who To Do: 20 Sexiest Girls
      2005 - No. 2, Maxim magazine's Hot 100
      2004 - Entertainment Weekly's Breakout Star

    • In 2009 as part of the cast in Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker Evangeline won the best ensemble cast award in Gotham Awards and Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards.

    • Evangeline played the role of a female Elf in the two-part epic fantasy film The Hobbit directed by Peter Jackson. The first part An Unexpected Journey will be released in December, 2012. The second part There and Back Again will be released one year later in December 2013.

    • In May,2011 Evangeline gave birth to a baby boy named Kahekili, meaning thunder in Hawaiian. The father is Norman Kali, a Lost production assistant.

    • Evangeline was named in 2008 one of the World Spokespeople of L'Oreal Paris besides Freida Pinto and Elizabeth Banks.

    • Evangeline is not a sun worshipper, despite the fact she lives in Hawaii to film LOST.

    • Evangeline's furniture from her previous house was from the salvation army.

    • Evangeline was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. She attended a French immersion school. She and fellow LOST actor Dominic Monaghan are no longer together. They broke up after Dom's character was killed of the show.

    • Evangeline admitted that when her Hawaiian home burned down in 2006, she was horrified to find the paparazzi scavenging for her personal belongings.

    • Evangeline said that while she was in college, she was a "loner." She went to class, didn't really talk to anyone, and went home.

    • Evangeline has supported herself financially from the age of 15.

    • One of the Lost producers says that Evangeline carries a Bible with her at all times.

    • In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Evangeline told Ryan that after Lost, she no longer wants to pursue acting.

    • Evangeline never passed her driving test. The only reason why she got her license was because the guy at the DMV thought she was cute.

    • One night, while doing some slightly drunken acrobatics outside a Karaoke Club, Evangeline accidentally smashed out one of her front teeth and now has a fake tooth.

    • In 2002, Evangeline appeared in an advertisement for 'Milk.'

    • Evangeline says that if she was stranded on an island and could only bring one item, she would bring her bible.

    • Evangeline has a song written about her called "Evangeline" by Kef.

    • When Evangeline was a child, she brought a song called Jet Boy, Jet Girl by The Damned for her music class' Show and Tell unknowing that the lyrics were full of sexual innuendo. When it was played for the class, her music teacher was so shocked, she sent Evangeline home with a detention.

    • Evangeline says the coolest band she has ever met was Siggaros.

    • Evangeline is a member of the Peace Corps.

    • Evangeline originally auditioned for one of the supporting roles on Lost, but unexpectedly, got the lead role of Kate Austen instead.

    • In March 2006, Evangeline appeared in printed advertisements for Karastan.

    • In 2004, Evangeline was reportedly paid $80,000 per episode of Lost.

    • Evangeline was the only Lost cast member to audition by sending in an audition tape.

    • Evangeline battled depression from the ages of 18 to 23.

    • Evangeline is known on the set of Lost for her tomboyishness, her Christian faith, and her "potty mouth."

    • Evangeline's passion is writing. She has written two novels, a screenplay and is in the middle of three other screenplays. She also writes short stories and poetry.

    • At the age of 18, Evangeline went to the Philippines to work in Bible camps as a tutor and a Physical Education instructor for juvenile delinquents.

    • Evangeline does not own a television.

    • In 2006, Evangeline almost died while climbing Mt. Baker, in Canada, with her father. During the descent, she was so happy to be coming down, that she slid most of the way down on her bum screaming and hollering. Unfortunately, she slid over a crevice. Luckily, there was a snow bridge just happened to be in front of her and she grabbed hold of it.

    • Evangeline is right handed.

    • Evangeline thinks the pen and paper are the best inventions ever.

    • During an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Evangeline accidentally crashed Ellen's golf cart into the set and caused $10,000 (US) worth of damage.

    • Once, on her way to work, Evangeline accidentally drove her roomate's truck into the crafts services truck on the set of Lost.

    • Evangeline wears glasses.

    • In December 2006, Evangeline and other members of the hit show Lost received their own line of 6 inch Lost action figures. Evangeline's doll can say the following:
      - "Jack!" (thunderclap and rain)
      - (Frightened) "One ... two ... three ... four ... five."
      - "If you're thinking about going for the cockpit, I'm going with you."
      - "I only made out with him because torturing him didn't work."

    • Evangeline's rented home in Kailua was burned to the ground on December 20th, 2006. She rents the home with her Lost stunt double and another woman, who also works on Lost.

    • Evangeline enjoys climbing trees and does most of her climbing stunts on her hit show Lost without the aid of harnesses or nets.

    • Evangeline is 5'5" (1.65 m).

    • Before becoming an actress, Evangeline's jobs included a waitress, a bartender, a restaurant floor manager, an auto mechanic and a Sunday School Teacher.

    • In University, Evangeline was an anti-poverty and human-rights activist and founded and ran a world development and human rights committee.

    • Evangeline is seen as an extra in the crowd, in the movie White Chicks.

    • On November 4, 2006, Evangeline attended the 2006 Gemini Awards in Vancouver, B.C. to present the award for "Viewers' Choice for Lifestyle Host" to Marilyn Dennis.

    • Evangeline was nominated in the 'Most Popular Actress' category at the '2006 British National Television Awards'; the award went to Billie Piper. Evangeline did not attend the ceremony.

    • Evangeline played in The Lizzie McGuire Movie as a police officer. She had no lines, and is not listed in the credits.

    • Evangeline says since starring in Lost, she has become extremely self-conscious over her appearance and constantly finds flaws with her body.

    • In 2006, Evangeline took part in a self-defence video for young girls called "Just Yell Fire" with her Lost co-star Josh Holloway.

    • Evangeline was raised a Baptist and a Mennonite.

    • Evangeline was once married to ice hockey player, Murray Hone, but their marriage broke up just after Lost starting shooting.

    • Evangeline's father is a home economics teacher, while her mother is a trained cosmetician, as well as a fully-trained manager of a day care centre.

    • Evangeline attained a degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia.

    • While studying at university, Evangeline was discovered by a talent scout for the Ford Modelling Agency in British Columbia and was offered a career in modelling. She initially rejected the job but later accepted to pay for her college tuition and expenses.

    • Before starring on Lost, Evangeline worked a variety of other jobs. She has worked as a flight attendant, waitress, and completed oil changes on big rigs while doing commercials and modeling to earn money for University.

    • Evangeline says that she forgets things easily, like names and birth dates.

    • Evangeline has said she is a bad driver. She has been in eight car accidents. No other cars were involved, but one involved a pedestrian who got was hit, landed on his feet, and continued running. He refused to get help from Evangeline and told her to stay away from him.

    • Evangeline's known nicknames are "Evi" and "Monkey." Her Lost cast mates nicknamed her "Monkey" because of her ability to climb trees with ease. She has two sisters, including a younger one named Andrea.

    • Evangeline said that if they were ever going to make a LOST game, she would be happy to be the voice of her character.

    • Evangeline hosts regular episode parties at her house in her garden with the premier of new episodes. She says being outside is her favourite thing and loves to be the hostess and barbecues.

    • Evangeline was a hardware girl on the popular video game review show Electric Playground until she was offered the role on LOST.

    • Evangeline's friends call her "Evie."

    • Evangeline has been spotted taking golf lessons in Hawaii.

    • Evangeline is fluent in French and loves ice skating, canoeing, kayaking, snowboarding and rock climbing.

    • When Evangeline auditioned for the role in Lost, she had only one acting gig on her resume--a tiny, miss-it-if-you-blink appearance on Stephen King's mini-series Kingdom Hospital.

    • Evangeline is a devoted exerciser; she spends a lot of time working out outdoors as well as in the gym.

    • After nearly drowning when she was younger Evangeline was terribly afraid of water, but since then she overcame her fear.

    • Evangeline refused to do a partial nude scene in an early episode of Lost.

    • Evangeline was voted one of People Magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People.' She was also on Maxim Magazine's annual 'Hot 100' list; Ranking No. 2, after Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria but ahead of seasoned stars such as Jennifer Garner (No. 3), Lindsay Lohan (No. 4) and Angelina Jolie (No. 7).

    • Evangeline nearly lost the opportunity to star on ABC's LOST due to her Canadian citizenship. J.J. Abrams and ABC had to obtain a work visa from the American government before she could start filming.

    • Prior to her starring role on Lost, Evangeline worked as an extra in several productions filmed in Vancouver. She can be seen in episodes of Tru Calling, Smallville and Dead Like Me, and in films Freddy vs. Jason and Stealing Sinatra.

    • From 2002-2004, Evangeline was the spokes-model for Livelinks, a latenight dating hotline, whose numerous commercials often air during late night television.

  • Quotes

    • Evangeline: I have always wanted to have a child of my own and I will always want to go through the gift that women have been given to experience that, so I hope to be a mother at some point.

    • Evangeline: (on her skin condition during filming for Lost) Last season of the show I surfed constantly, which was cathartic for me, but the sun and salt water wreaked havoc with my skin so, for the first time in my life, I had skin problems. I ended up wearing a full face of pink pure zinc to protect it. I looked ridiculous with this bright pink face but I just wanted to surf!

    • Evangeline: I loved being a waitress. At times I think... I'd just like to go back and be a waitress for a few weeks and just have fun serving tables again.

    • Evangeline: I need alone time like I need air.

    • Evangeline: By the end of the first season I felt there were expectations for me to be someone I'm not. It was upsetting. I spent almost a month of my summer writing and reading, praying and meditating, and silently allowing myself to reconcile all of these things I'd experienced with the show and re-understanding this industry. Since the summer, I've started to see the fruits of this introspection. It comes in my fan mail. I read every single letter. Some just break my heart. I've cried over letters that have come in, from young women and older women alike, saying to me, "You know, you made me want to stop crash dieting and just be healthy. You are my role model. I want to be like you." It makes me understand why I'm doing this job, why I was led to do this job in the first place.

    • Evangeline: Ironically, when I hit adolescence, I was approached about modeling and acting all the time. And, for five years, I said, "No, I'm not interested. I want a simple life, I don't want to be in the spotlight." Finally, a dear friend said to me, "Why, when you believe that everything in life happens for a reason, and that everything will lead you to where you need to go, do you ignore this one thing that keeps knocking on your door?" And I gave all these really legitimate reasons. "Oh, well, it's a very shallow industry. It perpetuates a negative image for women. It's this and it's that, and I don't want any part of it." And, he looked me in the eye and said, "I think that's bull. I think you're afraid of your own success, and your strength and your power."

    • Evangeline: (about her "Lost" theory) My uh, geek fan theory that I subscribe to, is the one that we are part of some sort of a conspiratorial experiment. That we have all been hand-picked, put on a plane, the plane was sabotaged to crash, and that we were somehow, we were meant to survive. I think that human life and human casualty is just a given in this experiment that... our lives have no value. If you look at the characters on the show, almost all of us, if I'm not mistaken, really have no ties left at home. There's pretty much nobody who's looking for us, nobody who would care that we've gone missing, and so it's safe. It's safe to dispose of human life in order to study human behavior.

    • Evangeline: I always wear something slightly masculine.

    • Evangeline: I'm a good Canadian girl. I miss all that good stuff. I miss tobogganing and I miss snowboarding, but I've also learned to surf and I've become a water baby which I used to be relatively terrified of the water and I kayak all the time now and I'm able to run year round on the beach which you can't obviously do in Canada. So there is all of that and it has been really great.

    • Evangeline: I think that being isolated from the Hollywood world of premieres and red carpet events was probably good for me because I could ease into those at will and by my own choice. But in other aspects, when it comes to fanfare Hawaii is nuts and in L.A. they're all so jaded. They don't care. They see another star and it's like, 'oh yeah, we've seen a hundred of them before. You're a dime a dozen'. Which is a little bit easier to deal with.

    • Evangeline: I'm a very stubborn woman and I'm from a very stubborn family of headstrong women. I have sisters, so the women rule the coop in my house. And I had some situations where I had to fight tooth and nail, I mean, literally standing toe to toe with the director and he's saying: "Go on set and do it." And I'm saying: "I'm not going on set, you can deal with it because I'm not doing it". But then there's been other situations where they've voluntarily, without my even saying anything, respected that line that I've drawn.

    • Evangeline: Being the hot star isn't the dream. But I can do more humanitarian work and effect more people on a larger scale. Not necessarily because I'm famous but just because, financially, I'm more capable and I have more influence. It's an amazing place to be in.

    • Evangeline: My goal as an actress is to be able to work for as long as I want to work with as little attention and fame as possible.

    • Evangeline: I always keep really mum about my love life. I've seen so many tabloids where they have a beautiful picture of a couple and they tear a line down the middle.

    • Evangeline: As soon as I left high school I cut my ties with everyone I knew and took off to a new city and I started again. I moved [between] towns in British Columbia. I remember saying to myself when I got to this new town, 'You can be anyone you want to be now. Nobody knows you. Nobody has an expectation of you. So you choose who you want to be'.

    • Evangeline: (On season 3 of "Lost") When we started the season, I called up Damon [Lindelof] and said, 'How Brilliant are you? You have put Kate and Sawyer into a situation that is their worst nightmare. More that anything in the world, they are afraid to be caged.'

    • Evangeline: I'm not stressed out about where my next paycheck is coming from, or what I am doing with the rest of my life. The fact that the side of my brain that worries about my future has been able to turn off and enjoy where I am at, and the simplicity of little aspects of my life, I just reveal in it.

    • Evangeline: I tend to appreciate the tiny moments and they make me the happiest.

    • Evangeline: I never would have guessed Hawaii or Hollywood would be able to provide me with one of my dreams.

    • Evangeline: I love it. I LOVE it! I love acting, being paid to be creative. I've always been really passionate about the arts. But I also constantly yo-yo between wanting to do this for a long time, wanting to achieve a certain level of respect in this industry, and then at the other end of the scale wanting to run for the hills screaming "this is terrifying and I want out."

    • Evangeline: I think there's a part of everyone that's intrigued by the thought of being recognised.

    • Evangeline: I loved being anonymous and settled.

    • Evangeline: Whenever I turned up to castings I'd see all these women in trampy clothes, flirting with the male director. It was awful.

    • Evangeline: I avoided the industry for so long because I resent it for so many reasons. There was no way that my ideas about life and morality were going to coincide with that industry, so there was no point in even playing with fire.

    • Evangeline: I'm doing everything in my power just to continue to tick along as a normal girl. And fighting the weird, surreal insanity of what my life has become in just a single year.

    • Evangeline: Over and over again, I've been called a walking oxymoron. I do things that you wouldn't associate with a good little Christian girl. People say I'm half-boy, half-girl.

    • Evangeline: (On being famous) I was a very, intensely private person before this all began. I've never wanted to be famous, and I still don't. I don't really like it very much, but I know it's the price you have to pay to do the job I want to do.

    • Evangeline: I've gotten used to Hollywood and I understand who I am within it.

    • Evangeline: My home is my castle, and I spend a whole lot of time nurturing it.

    • Evangeline: For ages I didn't want to be noticed. Then I decided to assert myself by going to auditions.

    • Evangeline: Writing has been one of the most powerful influences in my life and it always has been since I was a little girl.

    • Evangeline: I am kind of prudish and I have very strict standards about how I present myself. But one of the things that I've always stood by is that women are beautiful and sexy. We shouldn't be afraid of that. [But] we need to make sure that we present that beauty and that sexiness in a way that says we are in control of our bodies. We're strong, we're classy, we're beautiful, powerful beings to be reckoned with, not victims.

    • Evangeline: I love style and dressing up, but I've also got competitive testosterone and I'm incredibly stubborn. When I'm going for a jog and I come up behind a guy on his bike, I try to beat him, even if it kills me.

    • Evangeline: (On her personality and the expectations of women in Hollywood) I really don't want to be mysterious. Women in this business are expected to put forth a poised and perfect persona. I want people to see that I'm an ordinary-Joe girl. I blow my nose after work, I drool in my sleep and my shit stinks.

    • Evangeline: (On how to survive on a hit show) Hang on tight. The first year I felt like I was on one of those Kicking-bull machines and you're just hanging on for life, hoping you don't get spit out the other side with a broken neck and six limbs missing - even if we only have four.

    • Evangeline: Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorrah of today. It's a world I avoid because it's destroying our culture.

    • Evangeline: (On losing her possessions in a house fire) Fire is the greatest purifier and it feels really good. It feels really pure to have no possessions. It's kind of a fun place to be at.

    • Evangeline: It's not your circumstances that make or break your day. It's your attitude!

    • Evangeline: (For an award show) I went into a store, saw a dress and said, 'That's cool!' I did my own hair and makeup. And I felt like a million bucks.

    • Evangeline: The best I ever felt on the red carpet was at an awards show in Monte Carlo.

    • Evangeline: At one time, I worked five jobs at once while going to school full-time and it still doesn't compare to what I'm doing right now.

    • Evangeline: I love Kailua. It's like this lovely and mellow surfing village.

    • Evangeline: (growing weary of the constant attention she receives) I am an incredibly private person, and it's so exhausting to me that everywhere I go people know me or think they know me. If I could act and make the income I make and be anonymous, I would never want to leave the job.

    • Evangeline: I think the addition of the Tallies was brilliant. I know that it was an awkward transition for the audience - I know a lot of people who were excited about it and a lot of people that were uncomfortable about it - but I think in the end, it kept the island alive.

    • Evangeline: If it weren't for the Others and the Tallies, it would have been easy for all our characters to just maintain the status quo. That's probably been the strength of season two, it has really mixed it up and kept it alive.

    • Evangeline: I think Kate has become the heart of the island in some way. I don't know if that is because she is healed, or because she feels so confused or tormented, that it's easier for her to care for others than herself.

    • Evangeline: I come across a man who I'm really attracted to about once every five years.

    • Evangeline: (who she hopes will win her character's heart on "Lost") I have read statistics online, I have read statistics in magazines and I have rad my fan mail. And I can't seem to get a number one way or the other. It seems to yo-yo back and forth.

    • Evangeline: (on who she thinks is best for her character on "Lost") I used to feel that Sawyer was better for Kate because they were on the level with each other. They were really compatible in the way that they mutually understood and respected each other and Jack was always a little above Kate, a little high and mighty for Kate. But I feel like Kate has grown enough in these two seasons that she's kind of on a level with both of them now. I feel like it could split either way and Kate will be fine.

    • Evangeline: Being a Christian doesn't sit well in this industry. I don't mind kissing scenes if they're telling the story, but I won't do them if they're gratuitous.

    • Evangeline: (About her family) They're very conservative and they're very, very bothered by the kissing scenes I have to do. Any time there is anything even slightly risqué on the show my family are on the phone, saying, 'We didn't like that'.

    • Evangeline: What other people would regard as my good eating habit is actually a terrible addiction. I'm obsessed with dried organic mangoes. They're so bloody good, but they are so terrible to eat in large quantities. I just can't stop myself!

    • Evangeline: My stability and my santity come from my roommates. I have friends outside of the show, thank God. They are like my sisters and are such amazing women. We can be in the same room for five days straight and barely talk to each other and be OK with that. But the next day we will be like best friends, laughing, talking and hanging out until five in the morning. They really help me deal with things like the paparazzi. They get so angry over how I'm hounded—I mean angry to the point where I'm afraid they are going to go out with a broom one day!

    • Evangeline: Privacy has been the hardest thing to give up. I'm still hanging on to it for dear life. I'm still that person who will realize that someone has noticed me in a grocery store and I'll quickly get out. I recently went to a star-studded charity event, I avoided the photo line and tried to duck under cameras. I'm having a really hard time accepting the notion that I'm public property now.

    • Evangeline: I can't see myself acting for 40 years. I just can't. I love acting, but the pressures of this industry are enough to wear a person thin by the time they're 40. Eventually, the pendulum will swing the other way, back to my original goals. I am sure I will spend some more time in university. We'll see...

    • Evangeline: The first year was very difficult. I found it so hard because people kept saying in interviews, 'You must be so thrilled, This must be so exciting—a dream come true.' I always felt that I wasn't grateful enough. I was really confused and shell-shocked. I wasn't used to the kind of pressures that were on me. I was continually trying to work out whether this was where I should be, how I should behave or if I should be in this industry—all that kind of stuff. By the end of season one, I was in a bad place where I felt like I had lost myself. I had a little bit of a breakdown. I called my parents sobbing my eyes out, saying, 'I don't know who I am anymore'

    • Evangeline: What drives me crazy is that I can't bring my needle and thread on a plane. I really like to sew.

    • Evangeline: I love being outside -- that's where I'm the happiest!

    • Evangeline: I'm very picky when it comes to men.

    • Evangeline: I seem to date these really metrosexual men who always know less about cars than I do!

    • Evangeline: I actually feel like I'm more capable now of doing humanitarian work because I'm financially able to make a difference. You have to sacrifice something to get something. For me, fame is that sacrifice, because I never wanted it, and I still don't. It's something I have to live with.

    • Evangeline: Ever since high school I had done things so people wouldn't just respect me because of the way I looked. I decided, to hell with it. I'm going to pursue mediocrity, and I'm going to be so happy.

    • Evangeline: (During an interview) But I gotta tell you that the reporters, the international reporters, I wanted to ring their necks because they were lovely -- bless their souls, but they asked the EXACT same bloody questions over and over and over..

    • Evangeline: (about the new characters) I gotta say that when I was first told that they were bringing in another tough, Pretty brunette, I had to ask them if I was dying! I was like is this a way that you can cover your butts so you still have that girl on the island when you get rid of me!

    • Evangeline: If you polled them the year I graduated, they would have said that I was a slut, and the most I had ever done is French kiss. It was because of the way I looked. I was always the girl who hung out with the boys. What I didn't realize was that after I hit puberty I was something different to the guys. They all wanted to get in my pants. They couldn't, so they just said they did.

    • Evangeline: I cried myself to sleep wishing I was ugly because men leered and disrespected me, because they assumed things about my mental capacity or my physical willingness based on the way I look.

    • Evangeline: (laughing) Imagine turbulence with flying naked.

    • Evangeline: I actually use neutrogena hand cream up my nose on a plane to prevent myself from getting sick.

    • Evangeline: I come from a family of women with big thighs. So be it!

    • Evangeline: I was a broke student whose car broke down every day--who could barely afford to eat--and was trying to make money for tuition and, therefore, was doing the odd commercial here and there. So, now I just try very hard to keep my feet planted on the ground. I keep reminding myself that any day now I could go back to that broken-down car and my university life.

    • Evangeline: (On fame) That's one part of this industry that you really have to get used to, the idea of turning a blind eye to pretty much everything. You just live in a bubble. People are going to talk about you, and make things up. If you're fazed by it, you'll go insane.

    • Evangeline: Any excuse to get dolled up is good for me... because they cover me with grease and grime on the show [LOST].

    • Evangeline: (On trying to stay modest despit her new found fame) LOST has been great for me, but I remind myself that any day now I could go back to the days when I was waitressing and barely able to afford to eat or go anywhere because I had a broken-down car.

    • Evangeline: I think the coolest thing about having the DVD released right now is that anyone who is a die hard fan, who is really into the puzzles and the mysteries of LOST now has the opportunity, before Season Two gets too far in, to go back and review Season One. You're going to see our audition tapes and that's terrifying, embarrassing. I have never even seen that tape. When I'm acting, like others, I put on this persona which is going to be me on camera and everyone is going to see it.

    • Evangeline:(On season two of LOST) I think you're going to get a lot of answers this season. The difficult thing for me was not knowing the cast or the character. There are some scenes I see now and I think well if I had known this or that, I wouldn't have made that choice now. That's frustrating.

    • Evangeline: I remember moving out of my small town that I lived in in Canada because I felt like too many people knew me after living there for 12 years. I up and left because I was like this is just weird. I walk down the street and people know me. To go somewhere where I was unknown. And I've done that pretty much every six months ever since then until I got LOST.

    • Evangeline I used to be afraid of the water so I took lessons, and now I really love the ocean. It's so warm and peaceful and welcoming. Now, every day that I'm not in the ocean is incomplete.

    • Evangeline: (on 'Lost' co-star Matthew Fox) He is notorious for taking his clothes off and running around naked, usually around bodies of water. He'll skinny-dip at any moment with anyone.

    • Evangeline: I was fortunate enough to be one of those stories where I was scouted on the street by somebody and actually refused to go to the agency and was approached on different occasions and finally kind of caved and said, 'OK, I'll try it and see what happens.' A month and a half after my first audition I won the role on Lost.

    • Evangeline: (on how fame has not changed her) I still have a family who adores me. I still have friends I count on back home, and I still have brown hair.

    • Evangeline: (on her Lost co-stars) There are days when you want to thank them for being in your life, and there are days when you want to punch them in the face.

    • Evangeline: I work out in every way! I run regularly, I also do yoga and Pilates, dance, lift weights, surf, and hike. Your abs get ripped from surfing, and it strengthens your core.