Eve Myles

Eve Myles


Ystradgynlais, Powys, Wales, UK

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Born in Ystradgynlais, Wales in 1978 Eve is most famous for her recent role as Gwen Cooper in the BBC Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. She had previously appeared as Gwyneth in the Doctor Who episode "The Unquiet Dead" and Russell T Davies decided she would be perfect for…more


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    • Eve: (on Gwen Cooper) She's an ordinary girl in an extraordinary situation. And she's awesome! She's absolutely brilliant! I'm exhausted playing her, but she is quite special.

    • Eve: (on the Torchwood episode Adrift) I am very proud of that because it was a very different episode and I think it was a huge diversion from where everybody thought Torchwood Series 2 was going, a huge diversion. It anchored Gwen again as being human. She learned about the do's and don'ts. Sometimes, never mind how much good you think you are doing, actually sometimes it's better just to stay in the background. That's a big, big thing that goes against everything that Gwen is.

    • Eve: (on the last scenes with Burn and Naoko on Torchwood) It was actually filmed on the last day. You're doing seven months with people and coming to an end it's always an emotional thing to say goodbye to people - especially when you have to say goodbye to them for good. To do those scenes was very, very hard.

    • Eve: (on seeing the first script for Torchwood)Aw, I just read it and it was like a film, it was like this wonderful movie script and, aw, it was extraordinary! It was like nothing I'd ever read before. And when you're reading a character that's been written for you it just instantly lifts off the page, and I just wanted to start the next day, I wanted to get into it!

    • Eve: (On working on film, tv, radio, and theatre) If I didn't have television I wouldn't enjoy theatre and if I didn't have theatre I wouldn't enjoy television. It's lovely, because with our jobs, it's normally, at the longest, they would last 6-7 months and that's film or theatre, so once you've gone 6 months in theatre you can't wait to do some tv or film and then vice versa ? if you do 6 months of tv or film, you can't wait to get back onto the stage, so I think they kind of balance each other out. If I didn't have one I wouldn't enjoy the other so much. But I'm a huge fan of theatre.

    • Eve: (on doing her own stunts)If there's a fence I can jump over, I will jump over it. If there's a train I can throw myself on, I will - I really enjoy it.

    • Eve: It's odd, I feel like I've been working for years and years but now I feel like I'm the new girl that's coming out because nobody's gonna know who I am, you know! And it's very exciting but it's very, very frightening at the same time

    • Eve: (on the people of Cardiff) They've been totally, totally amazing and they've allowed [Torchwood] to happen in Cardiff because if it did get to a point where we were annoying people or people didn't want it, I don't think we'd be able to use the beautiful facilities that Cardiff offers.

    • Eve: (on working on set with the Doctor Who team next door): If you were in the 1960s and you walked up there you'd be wondering what someone had put in your tea! It's trippy, it's really trippy. There's witches walking about it, Shakespeare's walking about, there's goblins walking around, there's Weevils walking around, there's... things I can't talk about walking around! It's a great place to work because it's fun, you see crazy things every day!

    • Eve: (on working on a science fiction show) The first experience I've had of doing something supernatural and something alien was playing Gwyneth in Doctor Who, where my character was taken over in séances, and that was all CGI. You've either got to go for it 100 per cent or not bother doing it at all, because if you don't believe in it, no one else is going to.

    • Eve: (interviewed after winning the part of Gwen Cooper) I'm thrilled to be playing the part of Gwen. To get the chance to do a 13-part series under the watchful pen of Russell is amazing. It's such a compliment to have been chosen for the part - I can't wait.

    • Eve: (on being cast as Gwen in Torchwood) So it's odd, I feel like I've been working for years and years but now I feel like I'm the new girl that's coming out because nobody's gonna know who I am, you know! And it's very exciting but it's very, very frightening at the same time

    • Eve: I like geeks. I think geeks are cool. Um.. you know, he is kind of "geeky" and he is kind of sweet, but he's gentle and he's genuine and he's kind and warm and funny.

  • Could seduce a blind man with only her voice and a deaf man with just a glance. She could turn a straight woman lesbian. And above all, she can act!!

    Eve Myles is to acting what Whitman was to poetry. She doesn't rely on just one facet of acting. It is true that she looks amazing, but looks aren't acting. She has a great face for showing emotion. She can portray her feelings to an audience by just lifting her eyebrows or maybe tilting her head. She is like a canvas being painted, wiped clean and then being recreated over and over again. True talent. Torchwood has given her the recognition here in the states She rightly deserves and I hope that she is able to expand on her new found fame.moreless