Eve Plumb

Eve Plumb


4/29/1958, Burbank, California (USA)

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Eve Aline Plumb



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Eve Plumb-Pace, Eve Plumb-Mansfield
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Though best known for her portrayal of middle child Jan Brady on the long-running sitcom The Brady Bunch, Eve Plumb continues to act and has made numerous film, television, and stage appearances since the end of the 1970s television staple. Ironically, one of these roles includes a one-episode…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Eve's post-Brady Bunch television appearances ironically includes a one-episode stint as the original Pam Burkhart (Jackie's mother) of That '70s Show. The role was later filled by actress Brooke Shields.

    • Eve's co-star from her days on the ABC television sitcom, The Brady Bunch (1969-1974), Maureen McCormick, announced in 2007 that she is getting ready to write a tell-all about her time on the comedy series, including a crush she had on Eve and a kiss they shared.

    • Eve declined an invitation to the 2007 TV Land Awards, the fifth annual ceremony celebrating classic television and its characters. The cast of the ABC television sitcom, The Brady Bunch, was reunited on stage, with the exception Eve and the late Robert Reed, to accept the Pop Culture Award.

    • Eve was the butt of two-week long practical joke while a cast member on the ABC sitcom, The Brady Bunch, when TV brother Barry Williams convinced her that he had a glass eye. Williams even went as far as to borrow a prothesis from an optometrist friend of his father to further the joke.

    • Eve's mother, Flora June Dobry, was an omnipresent figure on the set of The Brady Bunch during her daughter's five year portrayal of the character, Jan Brady. Her mom, never without a hairbrush in hand, insisted on brushing Eve's hair before each take.

    • Jan can be seen wearing an enormous pair of red patent-leather platform shoes in "Try, Try Again," the 105th episode of season 5 of the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch in which she portrayed middle-daughter, Jan Brady. It was the only installment in which the producer allowed the child cast of the program to select their own wardrobe.

    • Eve was romantically involved with actor Michael Mullins after meeting him during her audition for the title role in the 1976 telefilm, Dawn: Portrait of a Teen Runaway. Incidently, Eve got the part, but Mullins, who was trying out for the male lead, lost to actor Leigh McCloskey.

    • Eve appeared on the December 18, 2006 premiere episode of the NBC game show, Identity, as one of the "Strangers." She was introduced at the start of the show as "Eve Plumb from The Brady Bunch." The contestant incorrectly selected her as an "Academy Award Winner," despite host Penn Jillette cautioning the contestant that The Brady Bunch was a TV show and the Academy Awards were honors associated with the film industry. Eve's actual identity was a "Painter".

    • Eve once formed her own production company to develop projects for herself. She chose The Sweetheart: The Story of Mary Pickford, about the legendary silent-movie actress, but the movie never got made.

    • Eve found herself a little more in demand during the late 1980s and early 1990s with The Brady Bunch nostalgia on the rise, though mostly to appear as herself, or a spin on herself. One such bit was her part in the 1988 spoof on "black exploitation films," I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, in which she played a very blonde wife of a very black revolutionary played by Clarence Williams III. After exchanging a perfectly executed series of black handshakes with Keenen Ivory Wayans (co-star and director of the film), she and Clarence send their two blonde children to the other room to watch TV-- as The Brady Bunch theme comes out of the set.

    • Eve was a sixth grader in a Van Nuys, California public school when she began on the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch. When she reached eighth grade, her parents transferred her to a private school in San Fernando Valley.

    • Eve received a fifty-cents weekly allowance during her years (1969-1974) working on the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch.

    • Eve appeared in four television pilots by 1969; The Brady Bunch was her fifth.

    • Eve was in an engaging episode of the CBS comedy series, Family Affair, before becoming immortalized as Jan Brady on the ABC sitcom of the 70's, The Brady Bunch. During a time when such topics as the death of a child were not addressed on TV, let alone a family/comedy series, Eve was cast in the role of Eve Bowers, a child who was dying of an undisclosed disease in the 1968 episode titled, "Christmas Came a Little Early."

    • Eve played a girl named Pony Alice on the late 1960s CBS western series, Lancer, and later named her pet dog after the character.

    • Eve was featured in three episodes of the ABC drama series, The Big Valley, but played three different girls in each: Sara Jane in "Hide the Children" (1966), Ellen in "Brother Love"(1967), both from season 2, and Lauren (uncredited) in "The Explosion!: Part 2" (1967), season 3.

    • Eve has always been a voracious reader; as a child, she belonged, even then, to several book clubs.

    • Eve headlined with Golden Globe nominee and People's Choice Awards-winner, Charlene Tilton, in the 2001 Do Gooders Productions debut presentation of the award-winning infertility play by Karla Jennings, Dish Babies, prior to its Off-Broadway run. Eve was cast in the role of Megan, a middle-aged woman battling infertility in an effort to have a baby.

    • Eve was a guest star on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1994), at which time, Andy Richter was regularly featured as O'Brien's sidekick. Prior to that time, Richter worked with the improvisational troupe, Annoyance Theater (Chicago), gaining stage notice playing patriarch Mike Brady in The Real Life Brady Bunch, a show that staged scripts from the cult sitcom, The Brady Bunch, in which Eve starred as Jan Brady, Mike Brady's (actor Robert Reed) daughter, before a live audience. Incidentally, comedic actress, Melanie Hutsell, portrayed Jan in the Brady Annoyance Theater stage episode spoofs. Later on, Hutsell was chosen to be a cast member for the seventeenth season of the NBC comedy series, Saturday Night Live where she brought her Jan Brady character popularity as a demonic, yet lovable sorority sister.

    • Eve was featured in an article titled, "Stop Treating Me Like a Child," in the March 1975 issue of Teen World magazine. Not only did her image appear on the tabloid's cover, but an Eve Plumb pinup could be found on the inside of the front cover, as well.

    • Eve appeared on the April 4, 1970 issue of TV Guide magazine, along with fellow cast members from the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch.

    • Eve, aside from her stint as part of the Brady Kids singing group, recorded one single for RCA records titled, "How Will It Be."

    • Eve attended a regular high school after the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch in which she starred as Jan Brady, ended in 1974. There, she went on to become a varsity cheerleader and homecoming queen.

    • Eve studied Theater Arts at California State University at Northridge.

    • Eve's image was featured in a pinup picture located on the inside back cover of the December 1975 issue of Teen Life magazine.

    • Eve, along with fellow child cast members of the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch, posed in character for a publicity photograph with Keith Moon at a party for the L.A. premiere of the Who's rock opera, Tommy (1975).

    • Eve had her first one-woman show at the Pure Color gallery in Laguna Beach, California from November 14th through the 27th of 2005. The show was titled, "Spontaneous Still Life" and featured original oil paintings and lithographs focusing on still life as her subject matter. Scenes from everyday life including fruit, coffee cups, restaurants and tabletop scenes were presented.

    • Eve likes to paint, cook, craft, bicycle, and read in her free time. She also enjoys riding horses, including participation in show competition. In addition to studying ballet, Eve took two and a half years of judo and karate, and dabbled in glass-blowing in her teen years.

    • Eve appeared in the made for television movie Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway at the end of her senior year in high school. Her character was as far away from the clean-cut image she played as Jan Brady on the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch (1969-1974) as she could get. She also appeared in the sequel, Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn.

    • Eve provides voice-over work for commercials, many of them for the California Department of Boating and Waterways.

    • Eve's passion is painting; she took a magazine artist correspondence course as a kid, but is self taught for the most part.

    • Eve appeared as the mother, Mrs. Ann Hatcher, in a 1995 episode of ABC Weekend Specials titled "Fudge-A-Mania," an installment based on the Fudge book series by young adults' author, Judy Blume. The books were about a boy named Fudge, and his relationship with his brother, Peter, and their parents. "Fudge-A-Mania," which is a television film adaptation of the final book in the series, also starred Florence Henderson as Ann Hatcher's mother-in-law, Muriel Hatcher, in the program. Earlier (1969-1974), Henderson played Carol Brady, Eve's TV mother in the television sitcom, The Brady Bunch where she was cast as Jan Brady, the middle daughter. Eve would later reprise her role as Ann Hatcher in Fudge, the short-lived (1995-1997) ABC (it switched to CBS during its second season) television series whose first episode was "Fudge-A-Mania," originally the afore mentioned made-for-TV movie.

    • Eve was a member of The Groundlings improvisational comedy troupe (Los Angeles base), alongside aspiring comedy actress, Lisa Kudrow. Lisa advised her to dye her hair dark, dark red in order to erase the "Brady" association. She did, and the transformation helped change the audience expectations.

    • Eve's boss during her run on the ABC comedy series The Brady Bunch (1969-1974), creator and producer Sherwood Schwartz, was quoted as saying that Jan was the most talented of his "Brady" girls.

    • Eve volunteers in the makeup department for the non-profit Festival of the Arts Pageant of the Masters, a benefit held each summer in Laguna Beach, California. The Pageant of the Masters is a living presentation where art re-creations of classic and contemporary works with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the original pieces are displayed using intricate sets and specialized lighting. An outdoor amphitheater is implemented for the presentations which are accompanied by a professional orchestra, original music score, and live narration. The celebration of "art that lives and breathes" pays tribute to the many ways in which artists in every era and culture have encouraged us to never lose sight of our universal love of creative play. During the 2007 Festival Of Arts Pageant of the Masters 2007 Gala Benefit held in The Irvine Bowl Park, Eve was seen in the company of Florence Henderson, a.k.a Carol Brady, Eve's TV mom from her sitcom days on the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch.

    • Eve was the only original cast member of the ABC sitcom, The Brady Bunch,
      not to reprise her role in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976), a 60 minute special produced by Sid and Marty Krofft for ABC which led to a semi-regular series, The Brady Bunch Hour (1977), of which eight additional 60 minute episodes were produced. She opted out, to distance herself from the television show, and the role of Jan Brady. The part was played by actress Geri Reischl, instead.

    • Eve has appeared in over forty different television commercials, ranging from breakfast cereals to automobiles.

    • Eve performed with the Jimmy Joyce Children's Chorus, a musical troupe that recorded the hit "High Hopes" with Doris Day.

    • Eve's mother was convinced by a talent agent to take her on a commercial audition at age six. She got the part, and decided that she liked being in front of the camera. She continued appearing in commercials until the age of ten when she got her big break on the ABC television sitcom, The Brady Bunch, playing the part of the middle sister, Jan Brady.

    • Eve was baptized in a movie theater that doubled as a church on Sundays.

    • Eve was ranked number 61 on the 2005 VH1's list of "100 Greatest Kid Stars."

    • Eve was elected chair pro-tem of the Laguna Beach Board of Adjustments/Design Review Board in February 2005.

    • Eve's name was the inspiration behind the naming of the now defunct, female-fronted alternative rock band, Eve's Plum.

    • Eve currently (as of 2006) resides in Laguna Beach, California.

    • Eve is 5 feet, 2 inches tall.(1.57 m)

    • Eve and Christopher Knight, her TV brother Peter Brady on the ABC comedy series, The Brady Bunch, tried rekindling their on-again/off-again romantic relationship after the program was cancelled. Instead of going to a movie as planned, they found themselves in the back of Knight's truck in Hyde Park, soon looking into the glare of two policemen's flashlights. Their awkward encounter with the law drove an embarrassing and irreparable wedge between them, sending them their separate ways for good.

  • Quotes

    • Eve: I think that The Brady Bunch is so familiar and has always been available, so I think that's why people like it. It's like peanut butter and jelly. It's something you always want to go back to.

    • Eve: I would love to do television again. It's where I grew up. It's where I'm comfortable.

    • Eve: (about having her oil paintings put up in art galleries) If I hadn't seen and experienced all that rejection as an actor, this would be difficult.

    • Eve: (about growing up on a sitcom) It seemed normal to me, but then, I never knew anything else.

    • Eve: (in an early 1990's interview) I think anytime an actor is out of work, they must think, 'What else can I do?' But I stay with acting because it's so much fun when you do work. And it's the best potential salary that I can think of.

    • Eve: (cynically responding when a reporter asked her, many years after being a part of the cast of the television comedy series, 'The Brady Bunch,' which episode was her favorite) The last one.

    • Eve: (about the title of her first one-woman art gallery show, 'Spontaneous Still Life') The 'Spontaneous' in the show title comes from how a painting is generated for me. Whenever I see a likely subject, everything stops and I take photographs. This holds the moment in time until I can paint it.

    • Eve: Painting is a creative outlet for me when I'm not acting. It gives me a feeling of control over my creative life. An actor often has to wait for projects to come along, but I can paint any time of the day.

    • Eve: (about her acting career since her role as Jan Brady in the TV family series, 'The Brady Bunch,' ended in 1974) I've had some small parts, a couple of movies and some stage plays. But I haven't gone anywhere. I just haven't been in the public eye with every breath I take.

    • Eve: (about being forever linked to Jan Brady, the character she played on the ABC 1970's television sitcom, 'The Brady Bunch') I'm labeled–- I'm reconciled to that fact. It's a claim to fame. It's unfortunate that people don't know my name apart from my character's name.

    • Eve: I still communicate with the cast members from The Brady Bunch, everyone is doing there own thing, but it is always a pleasure to get together for lunch, and some conversation. It's funny to see Chris and Florence, who are very close, doing the reality thing.

    • Eve: Selling a painting is fine, but I am not really into that business yet, so they're stacking up like pancakes around here. I do want to have a career as an artist though. Hopefully people will be interested in my artistic abilities for what they are, not just because 'Jan Brady' paints.

    • Eve: It wasn't until I was 23 that I could stand to look at what I'd painted. Artistry, like acting, can be a rejection-filled career. My worst rejection is from myself.

    • Eve: My favorite painters would include most of the realists, and I love Norman Rockwell. To me, he's very underrated as an artist.

    • Eve: The only thing other than acting or voice-overs I can ever see myself doing is painting. I don't have a burning desire to do something outside the 'business'. If I did, I'd probably be drawing a steady paycheck instead of a tabetop still life.

    • Eve: When I remarried, I had my reservations. I knew that Ken was my soulmate, but my first marriage was very turbulent, and it took a long time to heal. I am glad I went with my heart, Ken is the most wonderful person in the world.

    • Eve: What's hard for people to understand is that The Brady Bunch is not my life. Then, they label me as angry or bitter. They'll ask me something about the show and get an answer, but it's not the answer they want.

    • Eve Plumb: As I get older, I'm finding out I really don't care what you think of me.