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    • Eve was a guest star on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1994), at which time, Andy Richter was regularly featured as O'Brien's sidekick. Prior to that time, Richter worked with the improvisational troupe, Annoyance Theater (Chicago), gaining stage notice playing patriarch Mike Brady in The Real Life Brady Bunch, a show that staged scripts from the cult sitcom, The Brady Bunch, in which Eve starred as Jan Brady, Mike Brady's (actor Robert Reed) daughter, before a live audience. Incidentally, comedic actress, Melanie Hutsell, portrayed Jan in the Brady Annoyance Theater stage episode spoofs. Later on, Hutsell was chosen to be a cast member for the seventeenth season of the NBC comedy series, Saturday Night Live where she brought her Jan Brady character popularity as a demonic, yet lovable sorority sister.