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1/1/1999, Feilding, New Zealand

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Their hit song off Real Life "Light Surrounding You" is their first single to reach number 1 on the Australian boards.

    • As of February 2007, Evermore have peformed at over 300 live shows.

    • Before production of their second album Dreams they moved from New Zealand to the Central Coast of Australia.

    • Evermore are currently under the Warner Music label.

    • Awards:
      - MTV Australia Awards (Supernova Breakthrough Act for "Dreams")
      - APRA Silver Scroll Awards (Most Popular Song for "It's Too Late")

      - ARIA Awards (Album Of The Year for "Dreams")
      - ARIA Awards (Single Of The Year for "For One Day")
      - ARIA Awards (Best Group for "Dreams")
      - ARIA Awards (Best Rock Album for "Dreams")
      - ARIA Awards (Breakthrough Artist - Album for "Dreams")
      - Jack Awards (Best Live Newcomer)

    • Evermore's Discovery:
      "Dreams" (2004) Singles: It's Too Late, For One Day, Come To Nothing & Dreams Call Out.
      "Real Life" (2006) Singles: Running, Light Surrounding You & Unbreakable.

    • Evermore's debut single It's Too Late was featured in Australian promo clips for The OC.

    • In 2000, Evermore won Rockquest which is a national high school band competition in New Zealand. This is how their ride to fame began.

    • The name of the band "Evermore" comes from a Led Zeppelin song "The Battle of Evermore.

    • Richard Higham used to be the fourth member of Evermore.

    • Evermore consists of thee brothers, Jon (Guitar, Vocals), Peter (Keyboards, Bass, Vocals) and Dann (Drums, Guitars, Vocals.)

  • Quotes

    • Jon Hume: This album is more direct, more to the point and more upbeat. (Talking about their second album 'Real Life')

    • Jon Hume: When we came to the album (Dreams) we wanted a more kind of spacious sound, like an atmospheric type of vibe to it. I think what it is, is I really like ambitious, big sounding music, and so I do really like those Silverchair and Muse albums, and also stuff like Pink Floyd. During the recording of the album we were really interested in the whole idea of making a concept record; there's little elements of that in the album, but we sort of had to tone it back a bit, because we wanted to make a double album. By the end of sort of spending six months on what you hear now, we were pretty tired and we were pretty happy with it the way it was. (Talking about their first album Dreams)

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  • A good Aussie band!

    Evermore released their second album "Dreams" in late 2006 and it way better than their debut album. Evermore consists of 4 brothers from New Zealand who became big by winning a national highschool band contest. They have 2 truely excellent songs "Light Surrounding You" and "It's Too Late." Light Surrounding You was one of the songs of the year in Australia and their first solo of the album "Running" was suppose to be bigger and better! Big mistake... Most of the other songs on their second album are really poor and all sound alike but they are still a really good band.moreless