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1/1/1984, Miami, Florida, United States

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Members Ann Curless Jeanette Jurado Gioia Bruno Kelly Moneymaker Former members Sandra Casanas (1984-1986) Aléjandra Lorenzo (1984-1986) Laurie Miller (1984-1986)


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    • Compilations

      Greatest Hits (1995)
      Master Hits (1999)
      The Encore Collection: Seasons Change (2001)
      Expose's Greatest Dance Mixes (2002)
      Expose: Dance Mixes (2005)

    • Albums

      Exposure (1987)
      What You Don't Know (1989)
      Expose (1992)

    • Expose's music was very different from others. Some people even went as far as calling it "The Miami Sound."

    • Expose's hit "Tell Me Why" addressed the problems of street gangs and youth. Most of their lyrics were used for campaigns and organizations against gangs.

    • Expose surpassed The Beatles and The Supremes for having the most top 10 hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100 released from a single album.

    • Expose sings freestyle, dance, pop, R&B, house, and adult contemporary.

    • On October 21, 2006, Bruno officially rejoined the group for a concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

    • Expose was reunited in 2003 for a concert at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, California.

    • In 1997, Bruno finally recovered from her throat tumor and began singing again. She began singing with the band Wet and then moved on to a solo career. Her first album, Expose This, was released in 2004.

    • Both Jurado and Curless have children and retired from performing.

    • After Expose, Jurado performed in the stage play "Mad Hattan" and supplied vocals for Jazz artist Nils and Carl Ferris of Safe Sax. Moneymaker married soap opera actor Peter Reckell and released two solo albums (Like a Blackbird and Through These Basement Walls). Curless became a songwriter, supplied vocals to several club/dance projects, and provided academic instruction on music and the music business.

    • At the end of 1995, Arista Records dropped the group and they disbanded to perform solo careers.

    • In 1992, Expose's hit "I'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)" reached number 1 on the adult-contemporary chart.

    • In 1990, Bruno began having throat problems. This led to a benign tumor on her vocal cords and caused her to lose her voice. She was replaced by Kelly Moneymaker in 1992.

    • Expose was the first girl group to have seven back-to-back Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

    • Expose inspired other girl groups to form such as Company B, The Cover Girls, Sweet Sensation, Pajama Party, and Seduction.

    • Members of Expose were only paid $200 to do a show. This started many threats of lawsuits and battles.

    • "Seasons Change" received much recognition and many awards. It was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and it won a Soul Train Award nomination for Best New Artist. It was also the opening act for the Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam tour.

    • Expose's biggest hit was "Seasons Change" from 1988.

    • After leaving Expose, Casanas resurfaced with club hits such as "You're the One" and "Notice Me." Ale Lorenzo returned with club hits such as "Stop Me If I Fall in Love." Laurie Miller performed on luxury cruises.

    • Expose's first album, Exposure, remains one of the most successful dance albums ever released. It reached triple platinum status.

    • Expose alternates its vocals among the members.

    • In 1986, Sandra Casanas left Expose to start a solo career and Alejandro Lorenzo left to pursue other ambitions. Shortly after that, Laurie Miller left to pursue a solo career. They were replaced by Jeanetter Jurado, Gioia Bruno, and Ann Curless.

    • In 1985, Expose signed with Arista Records.

    • "Point of No Return" became a number one Billboard Hot Dance Club Play hit in 1985.

    • Expose was formed in 1984 by Lewis A. Martinee, the record producer and songwriter.

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